Balea Intensive Lip Care Review

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I am obsessed with lip care products. I have dry lips and keeping them moisturized is a must for me! I keep my lip balms handy so that I can reach them from any direction! I picked up a few limited edition lip balms from Balea and also spotted this one and picked it up. Read on to know more about Balea Intensive Lip Care.

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review

Price and Quantity: $1.5 for 4.8g
Product Description:
The Balea Intensive Care with Shea Butter and Argan Oil makes lips soft and soft. It protects dry and brittle lips intensively against cold and dry air. The lip care provides noticeable suppleness and contains valuable shea butter and argan oil.
Shelf Life: 36 months

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review Ingredients

My Experience with Balea Intensive Lip Care:

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review Packaging

Balea Intensive Lip care comes in a cardboard packaging similar to the other lip balms. The lip balm itself comes in a twist-up package with a long cap. The cap is bright purple in color and everything else is white. The quality of the package is okay. The cap is a bit delicate and I am sure that within a month all those writings will be erased off!

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review Packaging Back

The lip balm is crimson yellow in color and smells rich and like shea butter products. I feel that the fragrance is a bit artificial and I am not a fan of it. It stays for long and it makes me hate the smell even more. The lip balm has no color when applied and is transparent.

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review Balm

The lip balm glides smoothly on the lips without any issue but it kind of leaves a waxy layer behind which I do not like. When I apply more, there is a white cast left behind. The product is not greasy but is more of a matte and non-shiny. The product does not heal the dryness on the lips and it settles in between these dry flakes and it looks very odd. The product does prevent the lips from drying out but it doesn’t show anything on the lips. The lip balm is not a perfect choice as a base for lipsticks as it keeps dry flakes and doesn’t create a smooth finish.

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review Open Cap

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review Balm Open

The moisturization factor is good; it stays for around 5-7 hours and keeps the lips filled with moisture, making them supple. However, it doesn’t survive drinks or meals and a reapplication is needed. The lip balm looks good when applied on exfoliated lips. I have been using the lip balm in the night and I apply a thick layer and allow the product to work on my lips with effective moisturization. There is no huge difference in the morning, but my lips feel good. The product doesn’t lighten the lips or contain SPF. Even though the product doesn’t contain paraben, it does contain palm oil which I am not happy about. This product is not worth it and I am not even sure what to do with this. This product can be given a miss and is not something you would want to have! So, summing up:

Balea Intensive Lip Care Review Swatch

Pros of Balea Intensive Lip Care:

• Moisturizes for a good 5-7 hours
• Travel-friendly and inexpensive
• No parabens

Cons of Balea Intensive Lip Care:

• Doesn’t create a smooth finish
• Artificial fragrance
• Doesn’t heal dry chappy lips
• Applies like a thick wax which settles
• Doesn’t create a smooth finish
• No SPF
• Contains palm oil

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Balea Intensive Lip Care?
No, to both!

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