Bare Essentials Foundation Sponges Set Review

Bare Essentials Foundation Sponges Set

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Today I am sharing my thoughts on bare essentials foundation sponges set. I ordered the bare essentials foundation sponge along with some more stuff online. I like to apply my foundation usually with brushes but this time I wanted to try with sponge. So here I am to share my thoughts on the bare essentials foundation sponge.
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Product description

Soft sponges for foundation application. These sponges provide a smooth blending and even application for liquid, cream and powder foundation. Sweep the foundation over your face and neck in light strokes with the sponge.
These sponges ensure the perfect application of liquid, cream, powder and stick foundation both oil and water based.


INR 75 for set of two sponges


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Bare essentials sponges come packed in a transparent plastic pouch. The pouch is sealed with the help of a thin-cardboard on top where the product name is written. I wish they had given a zip lock packaging where you can reuse the pouch later. The pack contains two sponges. The sponges are square in shape and have rounded edges. The sponges have different colours, one is a white sponge and the other is peach coloured sponge.


The bare essentials foundation sponges are very flexible type sponges. They are easily flexible which helps you to fold or use them to your preference while applying the foundation. The sponges are soft on the skin. I really like the feel of the sponge on the skin.



I dot liquid foundation on my face and like using these sponges to blend it out. The round edges of the sponges help in reaching the corners of the nose. I always wet the sponges with a face mist or Dabur rose water and start blending the foundation. The foundation sponge give a smooth neat finish, they do not suck up the foundation too much which is a problem while using sponges for foundation application. Overall I like the finish the sponge provides :).


When I am in a hurry to leave for work or for any shopping, I really don’t have patience to use my buffing brush and blend the foundation. I really find the sponge doing the job easily. I have been using this sponge more two weeks and I have wash them three times a week to avoid bacterial infection and also to check the quality. The sponges were good enough to bear all the handling. These sponges take about 7 hours to dry. Till now the colours of the sponge have not been affected by the foundation but I think slowly it will change colour.

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Pros of Bare Essentials Foundation Sponges Set

• The pack comes with two different coloured sponges you can use them for different purposes and still identify them. One for powder and one for foundation. 😀
• Sponges are soft
• Blends foundation well and gives a good finish.
• Affordable
• The sponges do not absorb too much of foundation and this is really important as you can avoid product wastage.
• The sponges are washable.

Cons of Bare Essentials Foundation Sponges Set

• I wish they had given a zip lock plastic pouch to store the sponges instead of the normal plastic cover.
• I should tell you all about this, the sponges have a strong plastic, that gloves kind of smell which is quite annoying. .I really hope after some more washes the smell fades away.

IMBB rating:


Repurchase and recommendation:

Yes I might repurchase it for myself, I already have ordered one more for my sister and I recommend it to you all to try it for the price and quality.

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