Basicare Retractable Lip Liner Brush Review

Basicare Retractable Lip liner Brush

Hey girls, pick of the day is a Retractable lip liner brush from Basicare.

Product claims:

Maintain good looks on the move. This brush can be retracted into its case after use. You can carry it around without messing up your handbag or the brush. This brush is designed for a perfect application of lipstick or gloss. Applying lipstick with a lip liner brush provides a precise application and a more lasting finish.

Basicar Retractable Lip Liner Brush

• Hygienic nylon bristles
• Perfect for Travel


Rs. 190

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My experience with Basicare Retractable Lip liner Brush:

I was on a constant lookout for a lip brush I can carry around and one fine day I landed up buying this brush from Basicare. Frankly I never had high hopes from this brush, but actually it turned out to be pretty awesome. It does its work perfectly well. This brush comes in a grey cover, the upper part when twisted comes out the bristles, and you can actually adjust the length of the brush by opening less or more. This is a fantastic feature. The cover protects the bristles very well, which is very hygienic and you can just stop worrying about the bristles messing up. The light weight brush has a proper thickness and is easy to hold and apply the lipstick. The bristles are soft, thick and tightly packed, which means it picks the right amount of product and saves time as you don’t have to pick again and again. The tip of the bristles I not pointed, in fact it’s rectangular but still it helps in outlining of the lips very well. Even the corners can be done nicely. This helps in keeping the lipstick intact for a longer time and does not give a patchy application. It’s very easy to clean too, after every application I just clean it with a tissue and wash once in a while with lukewarm soapy water. Overall, I am pleased and glad for my random pick.

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Yays for Basicare Retractable Lip liner Brush

• Helps in giving a smooth and everlasting creamy finish to the lip color
• Can be used both for lip lining and filling also
• Shape and quantity of bristles helps ease the application
• Soft and easy to clean bristles
• Can be easily retracted into its cover that protects the bristles of the brush
• Can be carried easily without any mess
• There is no fall off while washing
• Easy to maintain
• Very convenient shape and size for perfect application
• Easily available online

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Nays for Basicare Retractable Lip liner Brush:


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IMBB Rating:

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the Basicare retractable lip brush and would recommend it to you guys too 🙂 it’s a real value for money.

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  1. Hey shilpi….want to know, which shade you have used in the swatch, it is gorgeous….. *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot*

  2. Ohhhh awesome pick *happydance* *happydance* this looks amazing *clap* *clap* and the lipcolour is stunning *jai ho* *jai ho*

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  4. very good detailed review *clap* I too have got some basicare products like the mitts,gloves and hydro lock socks they are pretty good for the price na *hifive*

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