Basicare Styling Eyelashes Review

Basicare Styling Eyelashes Review

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Basicare Styling Eyelashes Review

I recently bought my first pair of false eyelashes from Basicare. I wanted to try the drugstore alternatives first before even attempting to go near the department stores’ kind. So, here is my experience.


Quick Overview according to the Company:

A pair of false eyelashes with an invisible band.  Ready to wear false eyelashes for the first time wearers. No mess, no waiting – these are so easy to apply and remove that you have those dramatic eyes in seconds. Reusable and easy to use, you can wear them every day.

How To Use:

Apply eye make-up before putting on the false eyelashes. Grasp eyelash band with tweezers and gently peel from storage tray. Check for fit first by applying without adhesive and trim if necessary. To shorten, cut along the outer edge.
To Apply – Apply adhesive on the lash line and fix the false lashes, holding them in place for 5 seconds.
To Remove – Gently peel off the false lashes from the outer end of the band. Remove the hardened adhesive from the band and place lashes back on storage tray for re-use.


  • False eyelashes (one pair).
  • Eyelash latex adhesive (1 g).


Rs. 200 (I got it online for Rs. 160).


My Experience with Basicare Styling Eyelashes:

The first thing I noticed was the glue, it was in a tiny glass bottle. I tried to open it and the top wouldn’t budge, so I put in a lot of force to pull the cap. Now, the body of this tiny bottle is made of glass. So, all the pressure I had to apply to hold it still while opening ended up cracking the bottom of the adhesive and the top also opened then.  I was left with a cylinder open on both ends! Thank God, the broken glass did not hurt me! I was expecting that all the glue will now flow out, but 95% of the glue had almost solidified and hung around the wand that is attached to the top. It was all a semi-solid goop! I could barely get one use out of it. The little liquid glue that was left in the bottle was the amount that I could use and even that was not a great adhesive.  The eyelashes would not adhere well at all. They kept coming off after a few minutes.



I don’t know if this was a defective bottle or it was not stored and handled well by the stockists or if all Basicare false eyelashes come with such a messy glue. I just know that I will never rely on this glue anyway and will purchase a separate industry standard glue like “Duo Adhesive.”


But the lashes are amazing! They are so soft and very easy to curl. They also look very natural once put on; it was very easy to manage them as well. They did not feel like I had “something” on my eye. They really are weightless. They are pretty wide and I think would cover the biggest of eyes. I had to trim off a little from an end as they were too wide for my eyes.  I trimmed it in two go’s; little by little.

The application in itself was ruined because of the glue! I hated this glue, it was not clear and it did not even stick properly, kept coming off, I had to press it on back again and again. I had to apply eyeliner over the glue that had dried giving an off-white color.


While applying them on, a little gap has to be left in the inner corner or blinking becomes very difficult and the eyelashes keep falling off. The inner corner of the eyelash band needs to be held against the eye for extra amount of time when compared to the middle and the other end.

All said and done, I loved their effect.  These are very natural eyelashes, so the effect is not very dramatic, but they just accentuate the eyes.

From the profile view, I hope you can see that they have a very thin band, which is almost invisible after applying it on. Don’t you just love the curl and length they give to the lashes??? :inlove:


In the following two images, there is just a thin line of eyeliner to cover the false eyelashes’ base. The falsies are on the left eye.



Later, I completed my eye makeup by applying some more liner, kajal and curled the eyelashes, both natural and false together, applied mascara and loved the falsies a LOT! I like that they look so natural; just accentuate the eyes beautifully, but are not “in-your-face” dramatic kind.


Removing them was very easy.  I just took a little bit of makeup remover on a Q-tip and held it along the length of the falsies.  (I did not want to remove the eye makeup, which is why I used the Q-tip) and they came right off in a few seconds. It did not hurt at all nor did it tug at the natural eyelashes.

Basicare falsies

Basicare Falsies

I remove the eye makeup, mascara, etc., on the lashes using a cotton ball and some makeup remover and they were good as new!

As you can see in the image below, the glue applied on it comes right off even without makeup remover (the black stuff is the glue covered with eyeliner). But for properly cleaning the liner, mascara and glue off a makeup remover is strongly recommended. The band remained a tad sticky, so it was easy to put the lashes back in its container against its curved base. It is important to keep them curved or they will require more effort while putting them on the eye if they lose their curve.

Basicare Falsies

I store these in a “zip lock bag” as the Basicare cover has slots with no plastic on it and I did not want my falsies exposed to the air.

Basicare Falsies

Pros of Basicare Styling Eyelashes:

  • The quality of the lashes is brilliant, they are soft yet sturdy.
  • Looks very natural, not overly dramatic.
  • Easy to remove.
  • The band at the base is almost invisible after application and is very thin, so it is easy to apply eyeliner over it.
  • Can be curled further with eyelash curler and mascara can also be applied to them to further blend them with the natural lashes.
  • Looks pretty (the most important part).
  • Easy to manage.
  • Re-usable.

Cons of Basicare Styling Eyelashes:

  • Only one con and that is the glue that Basicare provided did not work for me at all.
  • You need a few attempts before you can get the hang of applying any falsies (not technically among the cons of the Basicare brand).

Do I Recommend the Basicare Styling Eyelashes?

If you are willing to purchase a quality glue separately, then yes, I highly recommend these “natural” looking eyelashes! Once you get the hang of it, they are very easy to apply and manage. I especially recommend this to someone who has very short eyelashes. These can be a dream come true (minus the glue)!


4/5 (deducting only because of the glue).  I hope this helped and do give false eyelashes a go; if you are mulling over using them. It is easier than you think.  This was my absolute first attempt at it and it was not bad at all. Some of you girls are going to LOVE it, but do get another glue first!

Happy Makeuping!

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  1. falsiessss 😀 😀 I love them.. :happydance: i have about 3 varieties of them.. but never tried it outside my home 😛 Nice review nafisa… i tried ur eyeliner tutorial only to look like taylor momsen 😛

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  2. I so want to try the false eyelashes now.. you have totally enlightened me O:) O:) O:) O:)

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  3. i hav these. :yahoo: .both varities long n thick n lng . .i agree they luk fab .:yahoo: .naturl yt flirty enuf. I use tm rarely wen i want dramatic eyes wd focus nly on eyes…n i guss u end up wd d defctiv glue bottle. .i agre its bit tght to open bt thy havnt broke o smtng in my case..i wish they hve tube nozzle type wld b easier then 2 use it..

  4. Hey Nafisa…great review…the lashes look so pretty on your already gorgeous eyes!! I was wondering if you can recommend any lash glues cos’ I really don’t know what’s available out there besides MAC and Kryolan…thanks!!

    1. Thanku so much Shivangi! :heart: I have used the Konad glue, & it is really good! but i don’t know if they sell it separately…bcoz the 1s I have came with Konad lashes…but there glue is GOOD!! 🙂

  5. Hey they have made your already beautiful eyes all the more pretty 🙂 You have meade it look so easy that I am tempted to give it a shot 🙂

  6. now i want false eye lashes.. i want i want i want :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: & i’ll get 1 frm some other brand where adhesive is more gud :specs: :announce: 😀 …luved ur revu Nafisa… :clap: :clap: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  7. you have such pretty eyes!! i just bought the lash curler from faces and now falsies are my next target 🙂 sasta and tikau brands are best for experimenting by a beginner like me :toothygrin: thankyou

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