The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush Review

The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush Review

Hi Friends,

I have always been a fan of retractable or travel-kind of stuff which I can carry in my purse always. Believe me, they are such a saviour for days when I have no time for make up at home.  My love for such things led me to pick up the Vega retractable blush brush a few days ago.  Its no less than a broom stick. It was only after I bought it, that I checked the review of it on IMBB here.  Wish I had done it before, I would have saved a few bucks.

The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush Review

After that, I had been eyeing The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush.  Now, since my vacation trip is on, this was on the top of my list.  I have been looking for it since the last week, but it was out of stock. Yesterday, I was at the MG 1 Mall and went to the Body Shop store.  This was the last piece and I grabbed it quickly.

TBS Blush Brush


Rs. 675/-, got it for 10% discount at Rs. 609.

Product Description:

A compact brush for make-up on the go. Use with blusher, powder and bronzer.

  • Super-soft synthetic hair.
  • Cruelty-free.

TBS Blush Brush

The synthetic hairs we use in our brushes are specially cut to feel gentle on the skin, and will withstand daily use for a long time without flattening.

TBS Blush Brush

TBS Blush Brush

My Experience with The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush:

The packaging is quite nice, made of silver-coloured body with the Body Shop logo on it.  It is quite sturdy. The bristles are very soft and quite dense.

TBS Blush Brush

I use this brush to apply both compact and blush and its extremely easy to use. The brush picks up the right amount of the product and hence there is less product wastage.

TBS Blush Brush

Pros of The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush:

  • Easy to carry in purse.
  • Beautiful and light packaging.
  • Bristles are super soft.
  • The bristles are dense, making it convenient to use.
  • Even compact can be applied easily with it.

Cons of The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush:

  • Cost could be a little high for some, but I am okay with it considering the quality.
  • Availability could be an issue sometimes.

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7 thoughts on “The Body Shop Retractable Blush Brush Review

  1. This looks like a nice blush brush. My experience with the Body Shop brushes is been good, they all well made and really soft. True that the prices are a little high, but worth investing 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review Gurpreet. Me too eyeing this brush but was out of stock and didn’t get to go these days. Have u also tried using loose powder,please let me know.

    1. nidhi i guess this would be a little dense for loose powder….. but you can use it. I always multi talk my blush brush with powder brush. you just have to be careful with how much product you pick up in one go :))

  3. i love retractable brushes. they are such great investments for travel. I used to have a clinique blush , that had a retractable brush. I still use it. I guess i’d get this after i am done using the one i have. :))

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