Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper Review

Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper

Hi everybody,

How are you all doing? I am into body pampering sessions these days. Like I made a cleanser yesterday, went for pedicure and hair spa a day before and so on. After reading Neha di’s review on basicare glass nail file, I wanted to order one. There was a combo of Basicare glass nail file and this 3-way nail shaper (which appeared as a buffer to me) online, so ordered them. Neha di you were so right, I am in love with the glass file. Also, this 3 way nail shaper is an amazing product. And when you get the two as a combo on a great price, you should purchase it right away. Read on to know more about this one.
Basicare 3way Nail Shaper


This is individually priced as INR 140 but I got a combo of this and the nail file for INR 209.


Want to keep your nails in attractive shape? Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper is a handy product that allows you to keep your nails properly trimmed and in good shape easily and in less time. This nail shaper with special nail shaping function allows you to pamper your nails. The fast and easy special shaping function makes this nail shaper a very useful beauty product. As the name suggests, this nail shaper has 3 components. The Coarse Zebra component which is silver-coloured is suitable for shortening and keeping artificial nails in proper shape. It is also perfect to keep in shape the gel nails and thicker nails. You can also use it to give proper shape to the toe nails. The black-coloured extra medium nail shaper can be used to shortening and shape thin nails while the orange-coloured extra fine shaper has been designed to smoothen the nails after shaping. This nail shaper is water resistant. This product helps you save time by helping you shape your nails at home instead of going to spas and parlours regularly.

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Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper is a cleverly designed product which can be used by both men and women. This product is sturdy and lasts for years. It helps you remain well-groomed without investing money and much time.

My experience with Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper:

Honestly speaking, I bought it for using it as a buffer. I did not have it in my mind that it was a nail shaper first. Also it was there as a combo with the glass file at such a reasonable price, so I had to buy it. I am really happy with both the products. Talking of this in particular, it has 3 surfaces coarse, medium and extra fine.
Basicare 3 way Nail Shaper (2)

Coarse surface (silver): This is an apt surface for shortening  nails. I do not need a clipper to cut my nails first now. This shortens my nails in no time. Like, my nails grow very fast and they attain  length in no time, so I have to keep cutting my nails every now and then. With this I do not need to cut them and then file. I reduce them with this one now. In 5-6 to and fro motions I get short of the desired length. With the nail clipper I always ended up cutting shapeless nails and then kept on filing to get a proper shape. Now I got the solution. Even for the toe nails, which are very hard in my case, it works wonderfully and does the job within a few seconds.
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Medium black: This is for shortening of thin nails. I use for two things. One- when my hand nails are moderately long, I shorten them with this one instead of the silver surface. Second- for buffering my nails. This surface works amazingly as a buffer. I tried to buff with this surface both on my soft hand nails and hard toe nails. It works just perfect for both and left them super clean and shiny. I buff my nails every time I change my nail polish. 😛
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Orange: this surface is extra fine one. This can be used for final shaping of the nails after you have reduced to your desired length or for mild buff. I do not use this surface. For final shaping, I use the glass file and it gives me super smooth results.

After use, you can wash and dry it as usual. In short, this 3-way nail shaper alone or in combo is worth every penny. The glass file and this shaper/buffer have changed the whole look of my nails. They do not chip now, I am able to attain the desired length and shape and I am happy with it.

Pros of Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper:

• Reduces your nails to the length you desire without damaging you nails.
• Can be used instead of clipper even for extra hard nails.
• Works amazingly as a buffer and makes your nails smooth and shiny.
• Can be used for final shaping too.
• Can be used for both hard and thin nails.
• It is water-resistant.
• Can be used for artificial nails too.

Cons of Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper:

• Nothing at all.

Will I Recommendation/repurchase Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper?

Yes for both. It is worth every penny.

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Until next time, take care!

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