Basicare Foundation Wedges Review

Basicare Foundation Wedges

Hey girls!

Today I will be reviewing something which is quite new in my make up kitty. As you all must have known by now that I am mostly into eye makeup and do not care much about foundations or concealers, as I am blessed with good skin genes ( touchwood!). So much so that I can actually count and tell you all how many times I have used foundation till date! Thus, you can easily imagine why things like foundation sponges or brushes never found their way in my kitty.


On the rarest occasion that I use foundation, I do so with my fingers. But sadly, this scorching heat is adding to my skin woes, and much to my dismay, I see some pigmentation around my mouth area. Thankfully, it disappears with a layer of foundation. But in May, I have a wedding to attend, and I plan to do the retro “red lip winged eyes” look.

I have realised that red lips can look much better if at the end of the whole “procedure” you take some foundation on a sponge and clear out any “mistake” surrounding the lips. That way, even the cupid’s bow becomes more prominent and your red lips are the centre of attraction! 😉

So, now you know why exactly I bought this one! Read on to see if it served my purpose.

Price: Rs. 125 for a set of 4 wedges

Product description and care: Please refer to the picture.


Packaging: Four wedges (two white and two mint green) comes in a plastic pouch in which they can be stored later. I find the pouch very convenient.

My take on Basicare Foundation Wedges:

The first thing I noticed about these wedges was the softness, they are so squishy soft! I have never used wedges before and so you can imagine how I was feeling with them in my hand 😛


I am using the white one and it blends the foundation really quickly! There is no artificial layering of the foundation in case I use a teeny bit more. Also, the pointy edges let me work quite easily around the corners of the lips and the cupid’s bow. And believe me, if you do that to lips with bold lip color, they look MUCH more prominent!

I have also used it to swipe a layer of foundation just below the edge of my black winged eyeliner, just to make the wing more prominent. It works!


They also get cleaned easily with soap and water ( I use baby shampoo though!) the only thing that bothered me initially was their weird petrol like scent! I just hate petrol-diesel smell and these wedges smelled just like that initially. But thankfully the smell disappears after the first wash. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and feel like a pro when I use these for final touches (I know am sounding silly!).

Pros of Basicare Foundation Wedges:

1. Inexpensive
2. Very soft
3. Durable
4. Blends foundation very nicely
5. Easily washable


Cons of Basicare Foundation Wedges:

1. Availability might be an issue
2. The weird smell! Ugh!

Will I repurchase Basicare Foundation Wedges? These will last a while, so no.

Do I recommend Basicare Foundation Wedges? Yes! to all those who haven’t tried wedges before, these are an economic option

IMBB rating: 4/5

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17 thoughts on “Basicare Foundation Wedges Review

    1. do try them jomol! 🙂 they give that perfect finish to the skin, and also u r saved from messy fingers 😉 😉 hihi

  1. there was a time I used to loooove using wedges. Now I mostly use brushes and finger tips. Need to get them, back in life. :)) Lovely pics aparajita and good review. 🙂

  2. I had recently purchased the newly launched colorbar wedges and they are so colorful. sponges give u a non streaky coverage and I loved the finish. My revlon photoready foundi which gave me a white cast normally was so evenly spread on my face, it didnt look as if i was wearing a foundi at all. I have a dry skin so i add a little moisturizer in my foundi. I loved the effect that the wedge gave me. its washable too. have got 8 wedges at 325. they are so cute too.

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