Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Honolulu Sun Body Lotion Review

Skin Type: Combination

Hello, ladies!
I am back with another product from Bath & Body Works’ Honolulu Sun range and today my review is going to be on the body lotion.
Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Honolulu Sun Body Lotion Review

USD 12.50 for 236 ml/8 fl oz

Shelf Life:
Not specified

Product Description:
Infused with Shea Butter and our exclusive Daily Moisture Complex, our enhanced lotion contains more of what skin loves, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished. Fortified with nutrient-rich ingredients like protective Vitamin E and conditioning Vitamin B5, our fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula delivers 16 hours of continuous moisture.

Top Notes: Fresh Island Coconut, Ocean Air Accord, Pacific Palm, Sundrenched Citrus
Mid Notes: Creamy Coconut Milk, Exotic Island Nectars, Pink Passionfruit
Dry Notes: Driftwood, White Sand Musk


A warm, sun-kissed blend of fresh island coconut, Pacific palm & ocean air. Add a generous amount to palm & smooth over skin.

My Experience with Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Honolulu Sun Body Lotion:

With continual usage of this body lotion, I am convinced that I am not a fan of this range. I usually do not tend to get easily set off by a set of fragrance notes, but in this case, I am so not pleased with this lotion’s scent that no matter how good the standard of the body lotion is, I want to skip it. But I am now I am in a rush to finish it.


Packaging: The bottle is a medium-sized opaque white one with a colorful label sticker having clear specifications that includes key fragrance notes, product claims and ingredient list. The sturdy white bottle has a press type shiny blue silver cap that dispenses the right amount of the product when required. It is easy to carry around, be it in your bag or for travel purposes.

Fragrance: Oh, holy coconuts! This is what the lotion shouts of either raw, subtle, creamy or even a dry down. The description of fragrance notes is quite deceptive, so be sure when you pick this up. If I have gone over coconuts in my entire experience with this range, I am sure you can imagine the intensity of the coconut fragrance that hit me hard. Also, so far since I do not have any strictly coconut scented products, except from ‘Parachute’ maybe, I never knew how a scent like that would smell. This was an experiment and a lesson learnt that says ‘coconut scented ones’ are not your kind. Keeping that aside, do not try looking for any sun-drenched citrus notes or pink passion fruits for your efforts would be in vain!


Consistency and staying power: The lotion is not any unusual product from the Bath and Body Works. The lotion, as we all know, has just the right consistency that is neither too creamy nor too buttery in nature. It has a consistency that glides smoothly on the skin and is easy to blend on areas where you want to. It gets absorbed in a jiffy and this lotion’s staying power is very good. The fragrance lingers on until noon, if applied in the morning. If we layer up, the staying power increases but I do not think that body lotions require reapplications on a regular basis.

Performance and usage: The fact that it is a ‘Bath & Body Works’ lotion, with an usual incredible performance that leaves your skin soft and smooth after application, is the only consolation for me as far as this lotion is concerned. If you can handle the fragrance, you can use this summer based fragrance in the morning after your shower and nights before your beauty sleep.



Pros of Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Honolulu Sun Body Lotion:

• Packaging
• Ideal daytime summer fragrance
• Impressive staying power with minimal amounts
• Enriched with protective nutrients
• Has a fast absorbing, non-greasy formula
• Leaves your skin soft, smooth, nourished and well-hydrated

Cons of Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Honolulu Sun Body Lotion:

• Availability in India
• For me, it is the overpowering scent of coconuts
• The base notes settle later, which feels like forever
• Uncertain about the 16-hour claim
• Deceptive fragrance notes

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Honolulu Sun Body Lotion?
No, I would not repurchase or try anything else from this range as the scent of ‘Honolulu Sun’ is not inviting!

A not well-thought-about tropical blend of fragrances having an overpowering smell of coconuts.

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