6 Hacks to Getting Ready Faster in the Morning

By Madhur Suprea

Hey all!
A working woman’s day starts way too early. Mornings are always rushed and these simple hacks will help you speed up through your morning routine!

6 Hacks to Getting Ready Faster in the Morning

1. Keep a picture of outfits

Every time you wear an outfit you like, click a picture and save so that you can always refer back to it whenever you feel devoid of inspiration and ideas for an outfit. Or you can also save pictures of your favorite outfits by the celebs for even more amazing style inspiration!

2. Plan your outfit the night before

choose outfit
Yeah, nobody wants to dive into the closet with sleep-induced droopy eyes at night. But the little bit of effort on your part can save you humongous amount of time in the morning. Either you can lay out your clothes or you can make a mental note of your entire outfit so that you do not have to hurriedly scuffle through your huge pile of clothes in the morning.

3. Style your hair the night before

curl hair
Curl it, straighten it, or braid it. Do whatever you want the night before. This will help you save time in the morning which can be used for much better prospects or any other thing that must be done in the morning.

4. Pick multi-tasking products

Choose a product that serves more than one purpose: a CC cream that targets skincare needs, provides coverage, and offers spf too; a liner that can be also used as a shadow and so on. Using such products cuts down several steps from your beauty routine.

5. Red lipstick to your rescue

red lipstick
Just a pop of red lipstick on your lips can transform your entire look from slothful, unkempt to a classy, groomed and confident persona. Yup, that’s the magical power of a red lipstick!!

6. Apply glitter over chipped nails

glitter paint
Picture this. You are all ready dressed in your favourite outfit, matching bags and shoes and then suddenly your eyes go to your chipped finger and toe nail paint. Damn!!! Those chipped tips could unravel your entire look and make you look frazzled and unkempt. So now, instead of taking off the paint and reapplying, simply slather a generous coat of glitter over the top of your nails and voila!! You have a pretty good cover-up!

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