Bausch + Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown Review

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I love wearing colored lenses. There was a time when Freshlook used to be my favourite, but currently, I am in love with Lacelle range from Basuch and Lomb. This is another wearable color that I picked up and I am very happy about it. You can check out my reviews on Blue and Grey lenses from Freshlook.

Bausch Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown Review

700 INR
Product Description:
When each occasion is different, why shouldn’t you be? Bausch+Lomb introduces Lacelle, the range of color lenses you have been waiting for. A must-have for fashion enthusiasts and a perfect reason to transform. So get ready and say hello to the new you! Key Features and Benefits:
Available in 4 stylish colors – Grey, Brown, Blue and Violet.
US FDA approved color pigments.
Unique and lace like graduation pattern that blends seamlessly with the natural eye color.
42% water content.

My Experience with Bausch + Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown:

This is the perfect color for me from this range. This is aptly named “sparkling” as this is not a dull brown, it has that sparkle and twinkle to it. I love the way it looks slightly “honey toned” and yet wearable and brown.

Bausch Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown outer packaging

Coming to the lens, it’s very petal soft and feels light inside the eyes. You have to take care to rinse it well so that not a single dust or makeup particle is stuck on your lens. It feels comfortable when well maintained and only used within the time limits. In this case, these are monthly disposables. You must discard it after 30 days, even though you may not have worn it 30 times or so.

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Bausch Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown packaging

Bausch Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown in cover

I like this color for warm skin, it adds definition and a sparkle to the eyes without looking over the top. It looks great with kohled eyes and a neutral lipstick. Overall, this has been a good purchase for me from a reputed brand.

Bausch Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown

Bausch Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown eye swatch

Pros of Bausch + Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown:

  • Pretty shade for day time.
  • Great for Indian skin tones.
  • Does not stand out too much.
  • Goes well with brown and kohl eye makeup.
  • Adds a sparkle to your eyes, due to the design pattern on the lens.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear for 30 days.

Cons of Bausch + Lomb Color Contact Lenses Brown:

  • You have to discard it in 30 days once it has been opened – does not matter if you have used it or not.
  • Needs to maintained and rinsed and soaked well with lens solution, which could be a hassle for busy bees.
  • If you are looking for a dramatic eye color change, this is not the shade.

IMBB Rating:

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