Beau Gâchis Paris Eye Shadow Brush Review

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I have tons of makeup brushes and some are non branded yet equally good ones and some a bit more expensive like the one in this post. It is a matter of personal choice if one wants to use goat hair brushes or natural bristle brushes or soft synthetic bristle brushes because there are so many options to choose from and all have their fair share of pros and cons. Read further to know my personal experience with it.

Beau Gâchis Paris Eye Shadow Brush Review

Price: $12

Product Description:
This Beau Gâchis Paris Cosmetic Eye Shadow Brush is made of the finest materials that are also used by other top leaders in the beauty industry. We provide you with a handcrafted brush that enables beautiful and easy makeup applications. Made from the very latest high grade animal and synthetic hair, natural wood, and copper ferrules. Because we use only the finest materials, our brushes apply makeup like the pros and are really easy to maintain and clean.


My Take on Beau Gâchis Paris Eye Shadow Brush:

I have never used this brand before but since I love to dabble with new brands every now and then, I bought this particular brush from Beau Gâchis which is a French brand and apparently manufactures one of the best high-end makeup brushes.

Beau Gâchis Paris

It has a long slender stem with matt, black finish and ‘Beau Gâchis’ written on it in white. Pale brown bristles are tightly packed in the ferrule and are cut in a long thumb nail shape and even though the bristles are tightly packed, the brush is fluffy at the top and can be used for powder based products as well.


Brush bristle quality: The brush is super soft, very dense and fluffy – enough to making blending easy. It is great for blending product in small areas.

brush sideways

Performance: It does a good job at applying powder products on lids or crease or under eye area and the fluffy part of the brush helps in blending the product into a seamless finish since harsh edges are very undesirable in case of eye makeup. The top part of the brush is really fluffy and perfect for applying loose powder in small sections of face or blending eye shadow.

brush hair

Cleaning: This brush is easy to clean and dry and it does not shed as most of the cheap brushes tend to do.
In a nutshell, it is a versatile brush and can be used in multiple ways, depending on one’s need and creativity.

Pros of Beau Gâchis Paris Eye Shadow Brush:

• Travel friendly packaging, easy to store and looks classy.
• Easy to wash and dry.
• Soft synthetic bristle.
• Super soft and fluffy.
• Can be used for powder products or pigments.
• No shedding.
• Good for applying powder to small areas or highlighter on high points of face or blending eye shadow.

Cons of Beau Gâchis Paris Eye Shadow Brush:

• It is a bit on the higher end and there are definitely cheaper alternatives in the market if not better.
• Can be bought only online or in few select stores.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Repurchase Beau Gâchis Paris Eye Shadow Brush?
No, because it would last me a while and I like to try out new products every time. I do recommend it to my readers as long as they don’t mind the $12 price tag.

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