Beauty Benefits of Tulsi

Beauty Benefits of Tulsi

In India, Tulsi or the Holy Basil has been worshiped for thousands of years now.The prime reason for this is the health and medicinal benefits it has. It is the principal herb of Aurveda and it is not for nothing that it has been called “Mother medicine of Nature”.Traditionally, tulsi is taken in many forms: as herbal tea, dried powder, fresh leaf, or mixed with check out some beauty tips to be adopted with the use of tulsi leaves daily.

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Tulsi comes in some forms, Ram Tulsi: Light green leaves, Vana Tulsi: Stronger aroma and known for its ability to neutralize poisons and Shyam Tulsi: with dark greenish black leaves which is known for its property of clarifying skin. When I was in school, I was fascinated by using home made face masks for clearing out my skin when I was back in Shimla, and I was successful to a great extent,it was then that I used to dry out Pudina and Tulsi leaves, crush them into powder and then apply this pack along with curd or with Multani mitti. Today with my sinus problems, I am as much in need of the Holy Basil when I was back then.So I am jotting down some benefits of tulsi we all could use for beauty and skin care.

This is from my mom.She always asks me to chew 5 Tulsi leaves to purify blood and to boost immunity as well as get clear skin,keep a plant at your home and try this one, it is more of an “apple a day” technique.

Tulsi slows down the ageing process and provides a rich source of anti-oxidant and hence the above tip would work wonders to provide us out dose of antioxidant too.

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The same tip I used in school, dry the leaves and powder them and store them in an airtight container. You could mix this with Fuller’s earth and then apply it on the face all over, leave on for 15 minutes and wash off, if you have dry skin , use the Tulsi powder with curd for the same.

The fresh tulsi leaves could be crushed in a mortar and then can be used for spot treatment, pigmentation, acne, pimple, and would be good as an aromatherapy and calms you down, it works for me.

You could mix the freshly crushed leaves mixed with a few drops of lemon and lighten skin tone as well as disinfect acne prone skin, this works wonders for oil skin.


Tulsi paste would also clean up open pores and avoid and acne in the future, the best part I find about this is that there is no harm or side effects involved.

You could apply sandalwood and tulsi powder mix everyday for as long as 5-10 minutes and see your acne and pigmentation disappear.

For hairfall, you could soak tulsi leaves powder and amla powder in water overnight. In the morning strain that water and wash your hair with it. This will prevent hair fall as well as greying of hair.

This is my own tip I learnt from my Father in law, he loves his tulsi tea and recommends it to me too, if you are a lover of light black tea, you could soak some leaves of tulsi in the same concoction, and sip your black tea with added benefits.



For burns and wounds, boil mixture of tulsi juice and coconut oil, allow it to cool down and then apply on the burnt skin.

Make your own toner, what I tried is boiling tulsi leaves in water for 5 minutes or more, then adding this concoction along with rose water,you could add some lemon drops as well, and then I store it in the spray bottle, you can use a spray bottle from your rose water can or could buy travel size ones. make your fresh toner every 5 days or so and use it throughout the day without having to worry about harmful alcohol in toners.

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Another pack you could use is rose water, sandalwood paste, little lemon and tulsi paste, this is great to calm down acne prone skin if used daily for 10 minute before bath. You could avoid soap or harsh cleanser after this.

Make a paste of little ginger juice and tulsi leaves and leave it on like a pack,use the leaves crushed and not just the juice, let it dry for say 10 minutes and wash off for clear skin.

This is again mine own as in I have tried it first time when I thought, these two products would be great for skin care, I mixed some honey with dried tulsi powder, and used it as a scrub on my skin and then left it on some time as a mask. The tulsi powder acted as a very mild scrub for sensitive and oily skin.

I have even tried dried orange peel with tulsi powder as a scrub and believe me, it works equally well as an aromatherapy too.

How can we forget this one, you could add tulsi leaves and few drops of lemon in you bath water, it will leave you refreshed and would control body odor and skin troubles too.It has been known to do antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity, and even repel mosquitoes.You could add alum too, this is from my grandmum’s time.


Tulsi is known to aid in digestion,sore throat, respiratory troubles,kidney stones, headaches, eye disorders, fever, common cold, mouth infections, and skin disorders too.

If you are suffering from skin troubles like eczema and scabies, drinking tulsi juice helps too.Tulsi paste along with lemon helps cure ringworms too.

For hair, you could use a pack of hibiscus, neem and tulsi to keep hair itch-free. For dandruff, use some tulsi leaves by storing them in your hair oil or coconut oil container, over time it will arrest dandruff.

here are some uses of Tulsi for beauty by our authors from IMBB,

I would really love to know some more uses of our Sacred Tulsi from our readers too 🙂 I am really not surprised Tulsi works so well as a sales gimmick for so many of our beauty products :p

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