Homemade Neem and Tulsi Toner

Homemade Neem and Tulsi Toner

Hello Ladies,

I am back again with yet another DIY and its a toner this time.  I have lots of acne on my cheeks and the marks are too prominent and I wanted to get rid of it or at least put a full stop to the acne.  My mom said tulsi with neem will do magic on acne and she wanted me to make a paste and apply that on the acne, but I became creative again.  I thought why not  make a toner with the ingredients that I am sure are safe and good for my skin. Though I go for FabIndia’s toners, they do not mention the full ingredients list.  Only the key ingredients are put on the label. So, I made my own version of the neem and tulsi toner and its awesome.

Homemade Neem and Tulsi Toner

So, let’s do it ourselves:

Here is what you need:


  • Tulsi.
  • Neem.
  • Rose water.
  • Boiled water.
  • Glycerin.

Steps To Make Homemade Neem and Tulsi Toner:

Wash the neem and tulsi in plain water and keep them aside.

Neem 1

Boil a little amount of water (approximately 200 ml).  Boil it thoroughly.  While the water boils, add the tulsi and neem leaves.  Let the leaves stay in the boiled water for 10- 15 minutes.  Filter the extracts. It would look very herbal, sort of greenish yellow.

Neem 1

Now, add drops of rose water/rose extracts.  This is just to beat the neem tulsi aroma if it becomes overpowering. Also, add drops of glycerin to the solution.

Neem 1

Transfer this solution to a container or bottle that is convenient to use and that’s it. You have you own version of skin toner that is free from alcohol and other unknown ingredients!!

Neem 1

Herbal Toner 1

Store it in your fridge and use it every day and say goodbye to your acne problems.

Herbal Toner 2

Hope you girls will try making it.

Have a great week ahead!!

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30 thoughts on “Homemade Neem and Tulsi Toner

  1. the smell emitted when neem leaves r boiled is horrible! u just couldnt stand it once when i tried to use neem for my hair! 🙁

  2. WOW! I love the simplicity in the idea n yet so effective! Does this help with acne? I think I’ll skip the glycerin. Rose water will add enough moisture for my combi skin!!

  3. Hi. I have a question. Does this toner need to be stored in the refrigerator? The reason I asked is because, I’ve friend who has a lot has acne problems and I thought this could help her. But she stays in an area where its difficult to get fresh neem or tulsi leaves. So I was wondering if I could make some and courier it across to her? It’d probably take around 5 days for it to reach her. Would it get spoiled in the meantime?

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