How To Make Neem and Tulsi Face Pack Powder – Do It Yourself

How To Make Neem and Tulsi Face Pack Powder – Do It Yourself

Hi All,

I have been using this powder for over a year now. I make it, use it extensively, finish it and make it again. Then, I thought I should also tell you guys about it and how amazing this powder is. The best thing is that it can be used instantly. It is a powder that you can make, store and use it at your convenience. You can use it with malai, curd, besan, rose water, Fuller’s earth (multani mitti) or anything that suits your skin.

How To Make Neem and Tulsi Face Pack Powder Do It Yourself

Here is how to make it:

What you Need:

Dry neem and tulsi leaves, a grinder and a jar to store them.

How To Make:

1. Dry off neem and tulsi leaves.

Neem Leaves

2. Grind them to powder.

Tulsi Powder

3. Mix the two together.

Tulsi and Neem Powder

4. Store in a jar.

How To Dry Leaves To Make Face Pack:

Pick or pluck fresh neem and tulsi leaves.

Dry them in shade. Neem leaves take 2-3 days to dry off and tulsi leaves can be dried off in just one day. Grind them in a normal grinder. Your dry powder is ready.

Tulsi Leaves


  • It is better to dry them in shade.
  • Just pick the leaves so that the powder is fine in nature without any twigs.
  • You can also use dry tulsi powder for making tea, raitas and coffees 😀
  • Since neem and tulsi both are known to have excellent anti-bacterial properties, the powder stays well for months without any external preservative.

How To Use the Powder:

  • Mix the powder with curd. This is my favorite way of using them.
  • You can also use the powder in your left over soap. Melt the left over transparent soap, mix the powder and make a new soap.
  • Neem powder lep (mix the powder with water) can be used to heal certain wounds.

This is excellent for using on problematic skin. I use it in times when my skin is more prone to break outs and I see blemishes rising in times of excessive sun.

Have fun ladies with this awesomely therapeutic powder!

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  1. My mum used to apply it on her face religiously..n no wonders she has an amazing skin…will have to start it…….run….

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