The Holy Basil Face Pack – Do it Yourself

The Holy Basil Face Pack – Do it Yourself

Hi Girls ,

I am back with another DIY , this time one with holy basil as main ingredient .

Summers call for coolants , astringents and soothing lotions and also skin soothing face packs.
Here is a simple holy basil face pack which is a mild , cooling face pack which also doubles up as an astringent . We all know tulsi( holy basil in english ) and its various medicinal uses . High in anti-oxidants and valued by ayurveda for its superb healing qualities , holy basil or tulsi is also used in many herbal beauty products including lotions , shampoos , hair oil even soaps . Marked by its strong aroma and astringent taste, it is regarded in Ayurveda as a kind of “elixir of life” , “queen of herbs” and believed to promote longevity.

Holy Basil Face Pack DIY

Holy Basil is one of the best known adaptogen , anti-oxidant and immuno-modulater.

So lets get started for our DIY .


1. Pluck a big bunch of holy basil leaves , because these leaves are coarse and we need lots of them to get a decent amount of juice for our face pack . Most homes have a holy basil in their courtyard or atleast in a small pot somewhere in balcony .
2. A binding medium , I recommend besan as it makes the skin smooth .
3. Honey

That’s all!


1. Take the bunch of holy basil leaves and soak them in warm water for some time to soften them .

2. Clean the basil leaves for any dirt/dust settled on them with same warm water .

3. Put them in mixie grinder and grind them . Do not add water as we want concentrated juice only .
This is how the leaves look when we grind them .

Holy Basil Face Pack DIY

Holy Basil Face Pack DIY (7)

4. Remove the pulp leaves from grinder and squeeze them and collect the juice in a small dish . Make two portions of juice. Keep one portion aside.


Holy Basil Face Pack DIY


Holy Basil Face Pack DIY (3)

5. Add honey .

Holy Basil Face Pack DIY (2)
6. Add small quantity of besan (gram flour) , we use a small quantity only as the consistency should be a bit runny and not solid.

Holy Basil Face Pack DIY (4)

We are not using any other herb in this pack as we want all the goodness of basil leaves in our face pack.
7. Take the remaining portion of juice and soak two small cotton balls in the juice.
This is how the pack looks :

Holy Basil Face Pack DIY (8)

How to use this face pack:

1. After you have mixed all ingredients let the pack stand for 5 mins .
2. Take some paste and apply it on the face and neck.
3. Now , take the two cotton balls dipped in holy basil juice and place them on your eyes .
4. Lie down for a while till the pack dries off .
5. Wash it off with plain water (normal temperature).
6. Pat your face dry and apply a moisturiser.

My experience with  Holy Basil Face Pack :

I have been using this pack since my college days to clear blemishes and rejuvenate my skin . When you place the cotton balls dipped in holy basil juice on your eyes it helps in removing under eye dark circles . The honey in pack moisturises the skin and the binding agent( besan) acts as exfoliating agent when you remove the pack by slowly massaging it in circular directions .

Benefits of holy basil face pack :

1. Clears blemishes .
2. Clears tan/pigmentation.
3. Mild face pack hence safe for those with sensitive skin.
4. Mild face pack and can be used daily .
5. Ant-bacterial . Many times we get small pimples (these are very small and are pus free ) due to pollution and exposure to dust . As this pack is anti-bacterial it hepls in clearing these small pimples.
6. Coolant and astringent. Holy basil is a natural astringent .
7. Nice aroma , hence soothing to mind and skin as well .
8. Brightens the skin instantly .

Thank you all for reading. I request all the readers to give this pack a try as soon as possible and feel the difference . Good Luck! 🙂


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12 thoughts on “The Holy Basil Face Pack – Do it Yourself

    1. I guess you can use multani mitti….I have bought neem tulsi pack from khadi and multani mitti has been used as base for that….

  1. I always knew basil is good for skin, but never used them in my DIY’s (May be was lazy!)… Thanks for sharing… will definitely try now 🙂

  2. Wow such a good DIY! 🙂 But can you please suggest a substitute for honey? I have dry skin, but my skin tends to breakout when I use honey. Please don’t suggest haldi, am allergic to it! 😀

    Nice one :)!

  3. @Swarnali , instead of besan you can use rice flour . Rice flour is pretty safe .
    @Blossom : This is mild face pack and you can use it every alternate day , it will definitely clear pigmentation and blemishes. It also instantly brightens the face . This is my personal experience.
    @Abinaya : Besan flour makes skin dry , so to soothe/moisturise it I use honey . you can skip honey and besan and use rice flour . I dont recommend any other additions as its important to maintain the PH balance of tulsi , so any other addition is not worthy .

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