Aloe Vera: Beauty Benefits

aloe veraHello Ladies,

I have been regularly posting home remedies for all you beautiful ladies, and if you all have noticed, aloe vera is somewhere or the other present in each and every home remedy post of mine.

Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant, anyways. So I decided to do a separate post which would pin-point the beauty benefits of aloe vera for all you beautiful ladies. 🙂

The aloe vera plant is like a magical plant for women, trust me on this. It works wonders for us from the toe to the head. 🙂

As we all know there are many many products available in the markets which have aloe vera content in them, not just creams and lotions but many of the cosmetics contain aloe vera too, since it is natural, safe and non allergic (to any skin type). 🙂

Eyes: Aloe vera reduces the puffiness of the eyes. So if you wake up to puffy eyes, run to the garden and get some aloe vera on your eyes, or simply have handy aloe vera gel and massage your eyes with it. Aloe vera is one of the most important contents in most of the eye products, including the many of the eyeshadows.

Here’s a most effective way for using Aloe vera for your eyes- irritations and itch at the eyes (not in your eyes):
Take aloe vera gel and mix it with boric acid, mix them together. Filter the gel with a tea stainer or coffee filter and apply on eyes.

aloe vera benefitsFor irritation with in the eye, just put a freshly cut aloe vera pod on your eye, this will reduce the irritation and redness of the eye.

You can apply aloe vera gel on red blotches which are bound to happen when you get your eyebrows plucked, same is the case with the facial hair.

Lips: Aloe vera is rich in vitamin E (and you know how much we love our vitamin E rich lipsticks and lip glosses), hence it works wonders for the lips. Aloe vera is used for treating chapped lips or even dry lips and why wouldn’t it treat dry and chapped lips after all aloe vera is water plant. Mix aloe vera with olive oil for a great great lip balm substitute. 🙂

Skin: If have been mentioning this over and over again, in all my skin related home remedies, that aloe vera is Holy Grail for the skin, trust me. It’s the best moisturizer, undoubtedly. Be it the winter itch or the scorching summers, aloe vera is always the best skin remedy. Aloe vera has non-inflammatory properties hence it is used by most of the cold creams and moisturizers.

Here’s how you use it on your skin:
If you have skin burns, acne, cuts, scars and blisters simply cut a fresh aloe vera pod from your garden and squeeze out the gel from the pod, you can also use a spoon for doing this, and apply the gel directly on the affected area. You can combine this gel with wheat grem oil or any essential oil for that purpose.

Aloe vera basically has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties so it helps in curing burns and insect bites very decently. Not just this, it helps in reducing skin marks, blemishes and also aging skin and skin spots.

Dilute aloe vera gel with water and apply the mixture on your vicious pimples and acne before going to bed. The acne are bound to disappear within few days (this one is tried and tested by me). The juice of aloe vera also cures spots and skin freckles.
Aloe vera works as a skin brightener too, it helps in getting rid of pigmentation. It’s a great facial cleanser and the best skin nourisher since its rich I 18 amino acids, vitamins of different kinds and minerals too.

Make your own aloe vera scrubs by mixing sugar, aloe vera gel and lemon juice or sea salt (khada namak), aloe vera gel, baby oil and honey.

It’s a lso a great astringent and helps in tightening the pores.  Aloe vera gel is also used for curing stretch marks.

Hair: Aloe vera wonderfully works for your hair too. It scrubs of your dandruff, and afflictions like psoriasis and seborrhea. It also helps in reducing hairfall. For the men, you can substitute aloe vera gel, for your styling gel too.

Massage the aloe vera pod into your scalp, you can also remove the gel with a spoon and then massage it in, this gives the scalp nutrients and thus augments healthy hair and hair growth.

Teeth and the mouth: Aloe vera also has the powers to cure your periodontal afflictions. Bleeding teeth or gums, inflammation, tooth ache and decay can be combated with aloe vera.

Pains and strains: Since aloe vera readily soaks into the skin, you can use aloe vera for treating skin strains and sprains too. Use a cold compress with some aloe vera gel on the affected area for 2-3 times a day.

Internal healing benefits: Aloe vera gel also helps you in getting rid of stomach disorders, headaches and kidney afflictions. The yellow juice like gel which is found just below the leave’s skin is a great laxative. It also helps in combating, allergies and sinus.

In a nutshell all I wanna say is that the aloe vera is a bliss bliss plant, so get it rooted in your gardens ASAP, or get aloe gel from your nearest ayurvedic stores. 🙂

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57 thoughts on “Aloe Vera: Beauty Benefits

  1. Very informative review Zeeba :yes: :yes:
    i too have aloe vera in my garden but i feel its a bit messy n slimy to use at is!! :sidefrown: but i will try mixing it with other stuff as u suggested!! :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. nice review Zeeba..
    BTW does nyone know how is the Ramdev’s aloe vera gel…i saw many ppl buying it from the Patanjali stores…

  3. aloe vera… is a blessssingggg…… it has n no. of benefits…
    great post zeebzzz… :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    i use fresh aloe vera gel too… 🙂

  4. you know Zeeba…..I had this huge aloe vera plant at my home which I got for Gujarat 2 years back….I used the gel everyday on my face…freshly scooped.
    But now it dried…. :((

      1. hey girls….
        aloe vera plant needs very little water, lik once -twice in a week… it belongs to the cactus family, n u shud keep it in som nice shade to retain its green color..
        i was told all dis by maali uncil

  5. I always knew it was good…but so many good uses!!!! :bravo: :bravo:
    And I never knew its good for the eyes! ?:)

    :thanks: Thank You 🙂

    1. welcome Shruti.. 🙂

      yes its really good for the eyes..i mean when my eyes itch due to long hrs of work on computer n reading..i put the pod on them….nd its amazing to see hw the eyes actually absorb the aloe vera, O:) O:)

      1. Then its one thing I musttt get!! Comp ke saamne all the time!!
        I can’t get a plant coz I live in a hostel, suggest me something else?

        1. awwwwww……i dnt recommend dat ready made gel..because i hve never used then if u have no option..all u need to do is……..dab in a tissue or cotton slab in aloe gel and keep it on ur eyes,

    1. You can get a new plant na Rati! And it grows pretty fast. we got a chotu one…..and now its like all over the place!! :toothygrin:

  6. hey nice review ! my mom uses patanjali aloe vera gel after sumone(plz dont kill me i dont remember the name O:) ) did review on IMBB and there is remarkable change in her skin :waytogo: now i m looking for a summer moisturizer and confused between the lotus herbal aloe hydra and alphamoist … ?:) …..any suggestion ladies

      1. thanks ! i will sure buy aloehydra…..i dont prefer spf in moisturizer either…..i use neutregena sheer block or lotus sunblock on top of my moisturizer…..thanks once again

  7. Nice tips Zeeba! I love aloe vera gel. I use the packaged one sold under the name ‘Dr. Jain’s eco aloe vera gel’ and I use it for skin and hair a lot! It specially helps reduce rash due to waxing/threading.

    1. yaa……it is the bestest best for rashes post threading and waxing.. i love it completely..aand love applying it before goin to bed tooooo ,you wake up too a super soft soft face

  8. When I was at and my sister would cut the aloe vera plant in the garden ,and apply its gel every day :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  9. hey is it safe to use the gel obtained from ANY aloe vera plant ? i discovered one in my garden.. i didnt know it as there .. ? will it be safe to use that ???

  10. Nyc post zeeba..I regularly use aloe vera on my hair before hair wash. .just 1 I really need to wash my hair every tym after applying aloe gel

  11. hiii zeeba i have used aloevera on my scalp it really worked great i am so happy to see my hairs smooth and silky and nyc post…

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