Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Wash Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a face wash that has tea tree in it. Let’s get to the review.


INR 249 approx.

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My Experience with Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Wash:

This face wash comes in a very brightly coloured tube. It has a flip cap packaging. The back reveals all the description about the face wash such as directions, ingredients etc. I really love the packaging. The several shades of greens pop up so wonderfully that it instantly cheers up your mood.


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The face wash is transparent and very runny. Even if you tilt the tube, the face wash starts coming out. It has tea tree fragrance in it, which freshens me up. I like the fragrance of tea tree, and it is very mild, not that fragrant. The fragrance stays for about 5 minutes after you wash off the gel.

I like how this gel does not dry out my face because usually gel face washes do dry out my skin. And since Mumbai is experiencing chilly weather, my skin has become very dry. But after using this face wash, I did not feel the need to apply some lotion on my face immediately.

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The product is said to be a foaming one, but I did not notice any of that. It does not lather. It does cleanse my skin pretty well. Also it claims to be an exfoliating face wash, but I have not noticed any exfoliating beads in the gel. Also, it does not make my face soft and supple, like an exfoliator would.


Also, since it is an antibacterial face wash, I love it all the more, because of late my skin has been breaking out a lot. So this would eventually prevent that from happening. This is one face wash that I would recommend to all of you!


Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Wash:

• Value for money
Antibacterial face wash
• Does not dry up the face
• Nice and mild fragrance
• Contains tea tree extracts
• Skin feels pretty clean

Cons of Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Wash:

• Availability
• Doesn’t exfoliate

IMBB Rating:

Yes, it is worth a try!

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