Beauty Formulas Strawberry Yoghurt Oxygen Rich Bubble Mask Review

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How are you all doing? Today I’ll be sharing a mask review with you guys. I was so happy when I got it because of my latest obsession with Korean skin care products. I had seen many Youtubers use this bubble mask and it was all too exciting for me. When I got this mask, I had some expectations. Let’s see whether the mask met my expectations or not!

Beauty Formulas Strawberry Yoghurt Oxygen Rich Bubble Mask Review

INR 150



My Experience with Beauty Formulas Strawberry Yoghurt Oxygen Rich Bubble Mask:


This mask comes in a papery thin packaging. The vibrant packaging makes you want to buy it. It is separated and you get two uses out of it. The packaging comes with tons of details printed on both sides. The product is milky white in colour and has a gel sort of look to it. As soon as you tear open the packaging, you are greeted with the heavenly fragrance of strawberry yoghurt. I love the smell and it is quite strong. It feels very pleasant for some time but becomes slightly irritating after 15 minutes. The fragrance lingers as long as the product is on your face.


The quantity of one sachet is what you see on my swatch. It is very little in quantity and doesn’t cover up the entire face well. I mean, you do have to apply little product so that your face gets covered. The product isn’t sufficient for the usual face+neck but just barely covers up the face. I don’t like this because this is what you get for 75 bucks which is very expensive.

The product lathers up when you massage it on to your face and then immediately foams up instead of taking time. You can see the foam in 5 seconds after apply the mask. Most of the product foams up before you even get a chance to apply the product on your face. The packaging says that you have to massage it for quite some time, but in reality you cannot because the product is now nothing but foam, and when you try to massage the foam, it sticks to your hand and comes off from the face.


I left the foamed up product on for 20 minutes and then as directed washed off with lukewarm water. My face felt clean but looked the same. My friends and I had gone out for one day trip and since we all were out in the sun, I got tanned badly, hence my face looked dull. This pack did nothing to cure the dullness. My face felt soft though. But the effects do not last even for one full day.


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Beauty Formulas Strawberry Yoghurt Oxygen Rich Bubble Mask:

• Attractive packaging
• Bubble mask is something unique
• Smells great
• Skin feels soft and clean

Cons of Beauty Formulas Strawberry Yoghurt Oxygen Rich Bubble Mask:

• No major changes on the skin
• Very little quantity
• Effects do not last even a day
• Fragrance lingers and can be a problem
• Product foams up way too quickly, hence leaving no time to massage it.
• Very expensive for the price

IMBB Rating:
1 / 5

I wouldn’t recommend and repurchase this due to so many cons.

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