Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Blemish Gel Review

Hello lovely ladies,

I got a lot of Beauty Formulas products recently and totally enjoying them these days. However, it is but natural to expect some duds in the bunch that I picked. Tea tree gels have been a mixed bag always as at times they work at times they don’t, for some they do and for some they don’t. I lie in the don’ts category when this product is concerned. I have an acne issue and it leaves behind scars, which totally ruin the beauty. So, with the motto of clearing those scars, I got this one. Let’s see why I call this a dud.

bf tea tree gel

bf tea tree gel


Rs 249 for 30 ml

Product Description:

Target spots, blemishes and port clogging bacteria with Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Blemish Gel for clearer looking skin. The clear gel is formulated with soothing Witch Hazel, cooling and refreshing Menthol, and Peppermint.

Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Oil originates from Australia a natural antibacterial agent believed to have a number of beneficial effects and antiseptic properties.

bf tea tree gel


Apply to spots and blemishes as they appear in the morning and at night.

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Blemish Gel:

So, you all know how hyped these tea tree products are; in the flow with the hype I picked this small tea tree gel tube from Beauty Formulas. Not many tea tree spot treatments have worked for me, but we never seem to give up.

Packaging: The gel comes in an inverted small tube, which is very pretty looking. It is neon green in color and the upper portion is shaded with a dark green color. It has some pink on it. I love that combination! Due to it’s small handy size you can fit it anywhere, be it your pocket, bags, pouches, a sling bag etc…. The tube has a small hole when you remove the cap, which helps the product to come out. The hole is perfectly sized because it gives the exact amount you would need for a spot treatment. Well done on the packaging part.

bf tea tree gel

Price and availability: The price I think is definitely higher for a product like this. For a product which does not work! Although the quantity is pretty good, but since it is a spot treatment, we will have to layer and cover the spots or blemishes with this atleast twice a day. Hence taking that into consideration, I found it to be overly priced. The availability is moderate, online stores have stocked this up, but I did not see it anywhere else in the Indian markets. It is available very easily in the overseas countries.

Texture and consistency: The consistency is perfect to be a called a gel. The gel is transparent and it has no color at all. Hence, we can also apply this gel under our make-up since it is clear. The fragrance is a pleasing medicinal tea tree one and I personally liked it for a few days; after suing it continuously I started to dislike the smell. Since, the fragrance is medicinal it may not be pleasing to everyone. It also has a strong peppermint hint to it. The gel is very smooth, hence gets applied on the affected area in one go. An even application is achieved due to it’s consistency. Also the gel has a mild cooling effect, which may be used to soothe the redness of the blemishes. But, it takes a very long time to dry up, like 30 minutes or even more. And we normally have that habit of touching our faces, so it gets irritating till the time it dries.

bf tea tree gel

Effects: The gel contained many effective ingredients like hazel, peppermint, tea tree oil, menthol etc…. So, I thought it would do a good job for the blemishes. I have been using this since more than 2 weeks now, and the blemishes on my forehead look almost the same. I had clicked before and after picture of my blemishes too, but couldn’t see any noticeable difference. It looked the same. They seemed to look only a little faded, but not as I had expected. Also, the pimple size reduced a bit, but not much. Hence, as far as the results are concerned, I was disappointed because it did not do much. So, I would call this product a skip for all of you!

bf tea tree gel

Pros of Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Blemish Gel:

  • Comes in a handy packaging.
  • Affordable and the packaging is super cute in bright neon green.
  • The gel is pretty much invisible and can be applied under the make-up.
  • It is light-weight, so does not feel heavy or layered up on the skin.
  • The scent is a nice medicinal tea tree fragrance.
  • Consistency is very smooth, hence gets applied very evenly on the affected areas.
  • Lightened the blemishes, but to a very low extent.
  • Reduces the size of the pimple to an extent.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Blemish Gel:

  • Did not do any major work for the blemishes; I couldn’t see a lot of difference.
  • The fragrance may not be pleasing to everyone.
  • They claim to prevent the loss of moisture; but how do I know it is doing so, since this has to be applied only on affected areas.

Would I repurchase/recommend Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Blemish Gel?

Nope not at all! I think these tea tree products are just some hyped products, which have actually never worked for me, especially such spot treatments! Rather I would prefer using lemons for acne scar, which is a natural remedy and mostly importantly an effective one.

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Conclusion: Spot treatments are 99% a failure and they are just not worth the money. Rather people who are facing acne scars or blemish problems, apply lemon juice everyday and keep it for 30 minutes and see the difference in a week. If lemon works too harsh for you then dilute it with rose water.

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13 thoughts on “Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Blemish Gel Review

  1. Thank heavens I have stuck to the trustworthy brands for my oily skin. I was actually thinking of getting this one for review purpose, but the scare of “what if” stopped me, and your review has totally put a full stop from ever buying this. Thanks for warning us all. 🙂

      1. No never get this.. its just a waste of time and money.. you keep on expecting every day that the blemishes might reduce but no difference any day 🙁 your most welcome kadambari 🙂

    1. Yeah man somehow i have tried all the spot treatments available since i have an acne issue.. but none of them seem to work out.. exactly rather we stick to natural remedies.. atleast we have a surity that they work 🙂

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