5 Beauty Mistakes that Make You Look Old

Makeup is a double-edged sword which can make or break you,if you still use darker lip lines or dated makeup techniques, this can really add years to your face.On the other hand, correctly used makeup can make you look younger and fresher like you see top models on tele all the time, take a look at some mistakes in makeup you might be committing which might make you look old.

Lighter foundation:

A white looking foundation or too pale a foundation is sure you to make you ten years older, so choose your shade carefully.

Cakey foundation:

Too much foundation will get into your lines and then make your wrinkles more pronounced, choose the right finish of foudnation and wear it sparingly and blend evenly to hide skin problems.

Skipping foundation:

If you dont wear foundation, all your skin woes will come to the fore, so try and give some kind of coverage to make your skin look younger.


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Skimping eyebrows:

Very thin and or uneven brows will never frame the face, rule number one to look younger is to frame the face with brows, if you have lighter brows then fill them in with pencil or powder and wax.

Too much sparkle:

Too much shimmer and sparkle will only accentuate your problem areas, refrain from sparkle on the cheeks or around the eyes, just a bit to add light is a good idea.

Skipping sunscreen:

No matter what, always wear sun protection, sun can make your skin look so much older,and accelerate the aging process.

Dry skin:

Nourished skin is sure to look younger, if you have dry skin, wrinkles, use a nourisher to target problem areas and also keep skin looking supple.

Dark lipstick:

The biggest mistake we make is to wear darker not so fresh looking lip color, this adds years to the face guaranteed,use a fresh rose shade and blend evenly, this will keep your look fresh.

Matte lipstick:

Super matte lipstick will make your mouth look small and also highlight lip lines,supple lips is the key to looking younger.

Dark lip liner:

This is criminal now 😛 must have been in fashion once upon a time but if you still wear a dark liner then make sure to blend it in and soften the look.


dark liner

Too much concealer:

Concealer caked up around the eyes will fill into wrinkles and accentuate them, keep a softer concealed look and don’t layer it with powder too much.

Mascara on lower lashes:

This is not a problem but it will highlight your crow’s feet, so avoid if you have problem areas around the eyes.

Thin eyebrows:

Like uneven brows, thin eyebrows that have been plucked too much will make you look older remember.

Wrong blush shades:

Go for a natural pinched blush shade, wrong blush shade which is too cool or too warm for your skin

Blush on the apple of the cheeks:

Like a wrong blush shade, too much blush on the apple of the cheeks does not make you look fresher or younger, follow the sides of the face to the temple a bit when you apply blush, just like you would blush naturally.

Liner on lower lash line:

Liner on the lower lid for sure highlights dark circles, and if it smudges, need I say more, apply liner on the top and balance it out if you wish on the lower lid, never on the lower lid alone I mean.

Metallic shadow:

Metallic or frosty shades used on the eyes in the wrong way never work for ageing skin, use some softer tones to look younger.

Too much powder:

When you layer on too much powder which is not so translucent, it wil surely highlight the fine lines.Stick to translucent powder.

face powder

Dry hair:

Dry and coarse hair will add many years to the face since dry hair is a sign of ageing.

Dry lips:

Dry lips are also a sign of ageing, hence well moisturized lips are the key to looking younger.

Bleeding lipstick:

Avoid bleeding lipstick by using a nude lip liner underneath your lip color,this always works, fill up your lips with a liner entirely.

Not changing your hairstyle:

Sticking to an outdated hairstyle (flicks, remember?) will not really help you look very today, meet your stylist to see what works best for you.

Yellow teeth:

Yellow teeth are also a sign of ageing hence avoid teeth staining by limiting coffee tea and quit smoking.

Going too natural without any makeup might not always make you look fresh, a little concealer foundation always help, use a lip tint or cheek tint if you like to go for the natural look.

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  1. Amazing tips and suggestions.. *thankyou* *thankyou* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    Will definately share it with my mom/… *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  2. Very helpful one neha.. .. i always thought thin eyebrows sharpen my face and looks young *nababana* *nababana* thank you. *thankyou*

  3. u r absolutely right neha ! i strongly believe in the overplucking eyebrows one. usually salon girls are overenthusiastic while threading brows and after 3-4 years of this over enthusiasm, the brow hair dont grow back at all. and trust me, right now it looks okayish, but when we grow old, we wont have much hair left there and would be using eye brow pencils all the time. to avoid this i dont change my beautician unless it is necessary. and i tell her to keep my eyebrows as natural and thick as possible. just a little neating up under the natural arches.. thts all.

    also i think tht moisturing eye area, neck and hands are also very important.. these give out the age very easily.

    oh..and a wrong shade/color of global hair color or highlights also.

  4. Fabulous article, Neha!!! *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
    I agree with all the points you’ve mentioned up there… and I think that all kinds of frosty should be banned, except for Frosty the Snowman 😛

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