Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette No. 7 Naked Review

Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette, No. 7 Naked Review

This was actually the first eye shadow palette I owned. And honestly, I did not like it much. However, having read good reviews of the other Beauty UK palettes, I began doubting myself. Maybe I wasn’t using the product right. Maybe I did not have the technique, maybe the quantity of the shadow I was patting on my lids was wrong. So many maybes. But now I’ve had this palette for a year and know exactly how I feel about it. Read on to know if I’d recommend Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette, No. 7 Naked to you.

Beauty UK Ey Shadow Palette


Rs 513



Beauty UK Ey Shadow Palette

Product Description:

The long awaited addition to our award winning eye palette collection, the “naked” palette contains ten soft and workable shades in a variety of matte and shimmer finishes. A blend of subtle browns, beiges, and bronze hues – the ‘Naked’ eye palette is perfect for creating the natural look this season.

My Experience with Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette, No. 7 Naked:

When I first received this palette, I was thrilled. It seemed to be just my kind of palette. Now I’m not an eye shadow person. I hardly wear them. I never had the technique to make them work on my heavily hooded lids. Then I started watching video tutorials and this neutral palette seemed the perfect way to begin wearing eye shadows.

Beauty UK Ey Shadow Palette

The packaging is pretty utilitarian, an attached plastic lid on a plastic black palette. A small strip of a mirror is provided, which in my opinion is useless. A double headed applicator is also provided which I’ve never used.

The shades are neutrals. A highlighter shade, two shades of peach, two skin colored shades, three browns in varied intensities, a gold and a bronze shade is what comprises the palette. The frosty cream highlighter shade, the gold and the bronze are the shimmery ones. All the other shades are mattes. I wish there were a lighter matte shade, one with which I could highlight under the eyebrows, when I wasn’t in the mood for a frosty one.

Beauty UK Ey Shadow Palette

The pigmentation of different shades are different. The shimmery ones are the best pigmented. The darkest shade of brown is also one of the better pigmented colours. The other two browns are ok, but the peaches and the skin – colored shades hardly show up. The only way they will show up is if you wear a cream shadow underneath. Also, a primer is a must. Without primer, the colours will not show up. Even the ones with better pigmentation will not appear intense. There is no fallout, which is a good thing.

The staying power is not at all good. With a good primer, the lighter shades stay on my lids for four hours. The darker shades may last a little longer. But I’ve been making it work. I’ve been using a cream eyeshadow as a base, and then following up with shades from this palette. The colours show up much better that way, and they even last longer. Also, I’ve been using the browns to fill my brow.

If you ask me, I don’t think it is much of a palette. It is cheap, granted, but I’d pay a little more any day for better pigmentation.

Beauty UK Ey Shadow Palette

Pros of Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette No. 7 Naked:

  • Ten shades for five hundred bucks is pretty cheap.
  • The shade selection is good, just the perfect number of mattes and shimmers.

Cons of Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette No. 7 Naked:

  • Staying power is not good.
  • Pigmentation is not good.
  • Only one highlighter shade.
  • Cannot be used without a primer.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette, No. 7 Naked:

No, the pigmentation of most the shades are not good. If the pigmentation was a bit better I might have, because the shades are perfect for a day look, or even a quick smoky eye.

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