Best Face Primer for Combination Skin : Ask iMBB

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Gowri Asks :

Which is the best face primer available for combination skin.. Price range below Rs 1500


24 thoughts on “Best Face Primer for Combination Skin : Ask iMBB

      1. Good morning Rati!! 🙂 🙂

        Even I want to know some nice primer for oily-combination skin..Maybelline one makes my skin oily after 2-3 hours…

        1. pick up inglot once cali. you can buy it online. It is good for oily skin. gives a mattifying effect. 🙂 The body shop vit c skin boosting serum can also be used as a primer. I just wonder how it would be for oily. may be check ingredients and give it a test try. 🙂

  1. just the question i wanted to ask u dear rati…but mine is oily skin with open pores….do let me know of a suitable primer :thanks:

  2. also amrita before applying makeup may be apply some ice or col towel on your face this would reduce the appearance of pores. Clarins also make a pore perfector.

    1. Hi rati..jus for my info..does INGLOT hav face primer also..cuz wht i hav heard dey only sell eye primer. :methinks: .??? plz help wid dis info :-*

  3. for me laura mericier is good! I’ve oily skin and this stops oiliness to quite a good extent! But I’d suggest you give natural aloe vera gel a try! Worked as a great primer for me! I’m frankly using LM just for the sake of finishing it! But it’s good though, just that aloe vera gel is better!

      1. oh thats nice..dosent need much water i have heard so taking care should be easy I hope. Such a useful plant. Do let us know how it works for you.

  4. if I am using sunblock which has the tint, the moiturizer and the sunblock, do I need to use a primer before applying this?

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