Maybelline Whitestay UV Base Review

Maybelline Whitestay UV Base

I bought Maybelline Whitestay UV Base because… Maybelline Whitestay UV Base By now, I am quite good at making up excuses and coming up with a great answer to that question evry time! But I really needed a makeup primer to make my makeup fresh and shine-free all day long. Why? Because my Di is getting married this August and I’d do my own makeup and I’d have to manage that in this hot and humid weather of Kolkata!! (By the way, my sister’s make-up artist is none other than Aniruddha Chakladar! No need to add that I am absolutely ELATED! He is the best make-up artist of Kolkata and one of the best in India)

So I went to the store to look for ‘Maybelline Angel Fit Pore Zero Makeup base’ but as I feared it has not been launched in India as of yet. So after a lot of thinking I went ahead with the next best (and available) option- Maybelline Whitestay UV Base.

There was a moment when I was confused whether it would work as a primer at all (I am still a bit confused – What is the difference between a makeup base and a primer?) but a quick look at the ingredient list confirmed that this product has silicone (Cyclopentasiloxane) – one of the primary ingredients of a primer to give a velvety finish. And hence, I bought this product!

What is Maybelline Whitestay UV Base?

  • The first step to perfect your makeup finish
  • Instantly enhances skin’s natural luminosity and provides natural radiance all day.
  • Mexoryl SX + XL From wiki : It is an organic compound which is added to many sunscreens to filter out UVA rays. Although there are a few different UV absorbers with the trade name Mexoryl, only two of them are widely used where approved. Mexoryl SX (water soluble) and Mexoryl XL ( oil soluble). Together they show a synergistic effect in protection. Sunscreens containing ecamsule are exclusive to L’Oréal and its brands.

—-Wow! It does sound impressive!!—-

  • Superior UV protection – SPF 35 PA +++

—–SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures UVB protection. Most of us are well aware of this term. UVB rays can cause sunburn and can lead to development of skin cancer. PA is a newer term (atleast to me). It’s a protection grade of UVA. UVA rays penetrate into the skin to cause premature ageing and dark pigmentation. There are three grades PA+, PA++,PA+++. PA+++ is the highest grade and is the most powerful UVA filter. —–

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Allergy tested
  • Non-comedogenic /won’t clog pores
  • Fragrance free
  • Shake well to activate
  • Shades Available :
  • White –normal skin
  • Purple – neutralizes yellow skin undertones ( I bought this one)
  • Green- neutralizes redness
  • Pink – for pink skintone (not sure about this one)

Quantity: 30ml

Price: Rs 300/-

Packaging: It’s a cute flat bottle with a nozzle. I found the packaging to be very convenient. Maybelline Whitestay UV Base Photos My Experience:

  • I ‘shook’ the bottle to activate some of the ingredients and it reminded me of early 90’s nail polish with a bead in the bottle(I was a toddler back then 😛 but I do remember! No wonder I’m on IMBB). This is my new rattle 😀
  • The texture is watery and very light.
  • It blends well and is easily absorbed into the skin leaving a luminous glow

Maybelline Whitestay UV Base  Review

Maybelline Whitestay UV Base

  • Powder mattified the ‘luminous glow’ to some extent and foundation (Revlon Colorstay) totally covered up the luminous finish.
  • When used on eyelids as an eye primer, I could achieve decent colour payoff with less amount of eyeshadow.
  • No effect on pores (such a disappointment!)
  • No neutralizing effect on my ‘yellowish’ skintone.
  • No evening out of skin tone either.
  • When I was going to remove my makeup in the night I noticed that the eye makeup was still intact (with slight fading only). I had used a light layer of colourful eyeshadow.

MAybelline WHitestay UV Base What I love about Maybelline Whitestay UV Base:

  • SPF 35 PA+++ == protection from both UVB and UVA rays
  • Light, non-greasy texture
  • Luminous glow without white cast
  • Works decently as an eyeshadow base. I have not tried it for cream shadows though.

What I don’t love about Maybelline Whitestay UV Base:

  • One of reasons to invest in a primer was to reduce the size of my pores. This product didn’t help me at all. There was absolutely no difference in the size of my pores.
  • No noticeable skintone correction
  • The ‘luminous glow’ gets totally hidden under a medium to full coverage foundation
  • It is non-greasy but throughout the day I had to blot my forehead and nose quite a few times.

Rating: :star::star::star: + 0.5 (mostly for sun protection) I don’t regret buying this. Infact it is pretty decent but it is not what I am looking for.

Would I repurchase? Maybe as a sunscreen (but I will be looking for cheaper/better sunscreen lotions which provide both UVB and UVA protection) My search for a ‘primer’ is still on.

Have you used Maybelline Whitestay UV Base ?

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24 thoughts on “Maybelline Whitestay UV Base Review

  1. Hey Urmi, Gr8 detailed review… :yes:

    I have been using this one for quite a long time. I love this product coz it keeps my eye makeup in place, my face makeup lasts longer and there is much less feathering… :-))

    But like you the most imp thing for me is the SPF 35… I have dry skin, so never had shine control on my mind… But it never dries me out.. So I am happy…. 😀 😀
    I only found this lilac variety in my city… :-/ :-/

    1. thnx 4 the detail of the product but can u tel me where to get this product in kolkata cz i didnt find it in my city yet? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Well…. my dermatologist once told me there’s only one way to make open pores get smaller. Draw a line about 6 feet away from your mirror and never step past it :rotfl:

    On the serious side though, if someone ever finds a proven product that makes my pores stay tight all day, I wouldn’t mind paying through my nose for it. Too bad this isn’t gonna be that miracle product.

  3. Don’t use primers but I was always curious to know about these maybelline primers. 😛 I liked the packaging though. Very convenient. 🙂

  4. Yesterday for the first time in 1.5 yrs i went outside my home… ALONE..!! big achievement..!!

    Actually i have this little cosmetics shop just 15 steps away from my home.. i really wanted to buy the green one since it neutralizes redness but it was OOS.. 🙁 But after your review i am definitely going to apply it on my face before buying it..!!

    The shop has stopped keeping Colorbar with them the reason the SA gave me was that the company sends very old stock.
    But i did buy some things so the trip was not that bad..!!

  5. Hey Urmi… a detailed breakdown of your sister’s wedding makeup……..I would definiately like to know what they are using for the humid weather. As far as whitestay is concerned, not my thing I guess……I would nt want to spend rs. 300 for this…….hmmmmmmm…thanx for the review….. 🙂

  6. i have the loreal one & it loos the same.its provides even skin tone.& it is also in 3 shades.but its too pricey.i wwill chk if i get this 1.nice review.thx

  7. Good Revu Urmi. Even I want to get a primer and was eyeing this one. But after your review, I am gonna write it off. Have heard that clinique pore perfector is good. I got to read some rave reviews about it. Any idea about that

    1. I have heard so much of ‘miracle’ thing going on with a primer that I was a bit disappointed with this product. But its a great sunscreen and it really does keep my eyemakeup longer… tried and tested.

  8. Ok i want to ask….what is the difference…you have written it is a promer rite…..what is the difference between a primer and foundation …and which one should i use for regular wear…like office and which one for a party

  9. the primer(white stay UV base) is not available in delhi now ..Pease can you suggest wher can i get this,.I have been using this since months and it is excellent.please suggest

  10. hey urmi….thanx for the review…. :thanks: I am also in search of that perfect primer which will shrink my pores & to some extent give decent coverage with just compact……someone plz help…. :((

  11. hey even i need a gud cheap primer.coz i already hv clogged pores and i dnt wnt more.i wnt a primer to correct them soon.

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