6 Best Facials to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation

We all dream of that perfect porcelain skin. Soft, smooth and spotless skin – it’s the dream of all. But due to a variety of factors like pollution, sun exposure, ageing, lifestyle and so on, our skin falls prey to dullness and pigmentation. This excess pigmentation of skin tissues is called hyperpigmentation and isn’t desirable. So while there are targeted treatments and creams that help in fading hyperpigmentation, you can try some of these facials to rejuvenate skin and fade blemishes. These facials are good even for people suffering from acne scars and age spots. Keep reading below for more details.

Best Facials to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation

Gold facial

Woman getting gold facial mask

Gold was used by Romans and Egyptians since time immemorial to enhance and preserve their glowing skin. A gold facial done by expert hands can increase skin elasticity, reduce fine lines, blemishes, and marks on the skin. It helps in cell renewal, so you notice smooth glowing skin with fewer spots.

Brightening facial

A brightening facial should be on your agenda for the next salon visit if you suffer from dark spots and pigmentation. It specifically targets hyperpigmentation and helps to even out your skin tone. The USP of this facial is the use of powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C, which improve skin’s natural defenses while boosting radiance. Within two or three facials, you can notice your pigmentation lightening. Definitely one of the must check out facials if you suffer from hyperpigmentation or dull skin.

Fruit acid facial

woman with face mask and fruit slices on face

Fruit or fruit acid facial is one of the best types of facial for your skin. AHA acids, which are derived from fruits, can help in gently removing dead cells and giving a radiant skin. For example, lemon brightens while malic acid in apples is a great exfoliator. A fruit acid infused facial is a perfect option to deeply cleanse and improve tone and texture.

Gem facial

Gems, most notably diamonds, are widely used as exfoliating agents. They offer longer exfoliation effect to the skin in comparison to other ingredients. Offering amazing exfoliation effect to the skin, gem facials remove dead cells. A gem facial removes tan, dark patches and keeps melanin production in check. You will be surprised by the youthful radiance and glow it adds to your skin in just one session.

Vitamin facial

Different sliced juicy citrus fruits in bowl on wooden table

Typically, Vitamins A, C and E are used for different treatments. Vitamin C facial is beneficial for pigmented skin as it helps remove dark spots, tan lines, dullness and lightens them with consistent usage. A multi-vitamin facial treatment can lighten and smoothen your skin and give you spotless radiance.

Flower Facial

Flowers are beautiful and can work miracles for our skin. Rose, marigold, lotus – all these flowers hold the key to a fair and fresh skin. They are power-packed with nutrients and oils that treat skin, reduce melanin production and lighten scars and marks. Not only do they improve skin clarity, they also nourish and tone your skin, giving long-lasting skin perfection.

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