Which is Better Face Wash or Cleanser?



Today’s post is about answering a skincare query. All women, irrespective of their age bracket, love to sport squeaky clean skin. While some use a face wash for cleansing the skin, a few of them use a cleanser for doing the same job. But is there a difference between the two? If both do the same task, which one to pick and why? These are most commonly googled questions that strikes every girl’s mind at some point of time or the other and surprisingly, very few can actually justify why they prefer a face wash over a cleanser and vice-versa. To let you know about the same, we will answer today’s query, “Which is better face wash or cleanser?” Let’s jump right in.

Which is Better Face Wash or Cleanser

What is the Difference Between Face Wash and Cleanser?
While we all are well acquainted with the fact that the point of commonality between a face wash and a cleanser is that both are used for cleansing, there exists a huge difference in the way they work on your skin. A face wash is a foaming product that has replaced soaps. As we all know, soaps are very harsh for facial skin and can accelerate dryness and premature ageing. A face wash is removes dirt, grime and impurities from your face. You get a thoroughly clean and refreshed feeling after using a good face wash and it is comparatively mild and gentle on skin. A cleanser, on the other hand, is a gentler formula compared to face wash and it’s a non-foaming product. It is used by people who want to remove dirt from their skin along with removing makeup. A cleanser performs many tasks at the same time. It helps to get rid of makeup, dirt, and oils, especially before bedtime. The best part is you don’t need to rinse it off unlike a face wash.

How Does your Skin Type Determine the Type of Cleansing Routine that you should Follow?

Your skin type tells you about the type of cleansing routine that you should follow. For example, if you have oily, sensitive or combination skin, you need thorough cleansing to unclog your pores and remove dirt and impurities from deeper seated debris. That’s when the foaming action of a face wash comes to the rescue. It effectively helps to remove oil from the face and keeps the face matte for a considerable amount of time, something which cannot be done by a cleanser. It should also be noted that a face wash has no moisturizing or hydrating properties due to which it is mainly suited for oily and combination skin beauties. Cleansers, on the other hand are more suited for dry, sensitive skin as they have a far more gentle effect on your face. If your face turns flaky and lacks moisture, you need some hydrating agent in your cleansing action. That is why cleansers are more suitable for such skin types as they have a moisturizing and refreshing effect on the skin. They also helps to calm, soothe and lessen the effect of sensitivity on the skin. People who apply makeup also need to use a cleanser as it helps to break it down more effectively than a face wash.

What is the usage time of Face Wash and Cleanser?
In case you want to use both a face wash and a cleanser, you must know when to use what. It is important to know that the usage of the two products depends on the activities of an individual. In normal cases, a face wash is recommended during the morning as it is more refreshing for the skin. It prepares your face for daily activities. Whereas, a face cleanser should preferably be used during the evening after you get home from work. When your face gets exposed to dirt, pollutants and deep-seated impurities with makeup sticking to your face, you need to use something that can remove these materials altogether without being harsh to the skin. Not only does a cleanser help to cleanse your face and remove the makeup, but you also get a nourishing effect on the skin.

Face wash Vs Cleanser – which one is better?
Now, finally answering our today’s query of whether a face wash or a cleanser is better. The verdict ultimately boils down to the skin type, routine and skincare needs of the individual. If you have dry/normal skin, you need to use a cleanser whereas if your skin type is oily/combination where you mainly want oil removal and little nourishment, a face wash is an ideal choice. Also, if your main target is makeup removal and your face is exposed to outside pollutants, a cleanser will serve your needs better as it can easily remove oil-soluble impurities. You can definitely use a face wash afterwards for a second cleanse after using the cleanser. If you wear little or no makeup, you can skip using a cleanser and just use a face wash.
Our final word of advice would be to pick the right products for your skin type. Choose a face wash that suits your skin type. And before buying one, take a look at the ingredients to get a sense of whether it might overly dry your skin, whether it is paraben or SLES free. While picking a cleanser, your concern should be to see if it is gentle on your skin and not excessively oily either. That’s all for today. Hope it cleared your doubts!!


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