Winter Skin Care Routine for Soft and Glowing Skin

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I am writing on IMBB after a long time, as I was busy travelling from one place to the other. Finally, I got time to write this article. Guys, its November time and winters have started knocking the door. Skin care is very important for winter months, especially if you have dry skin. In this article I will talk about some home remedies and tips which you can use in winter months and make your skin soft and supple. Let’s get started!

Winter Skin Care Routine for Soft and Glowing Skin

Morning routine:

• Wash your face with lukewarm water first and then with cold water to clean and freshen up your skin.

• Now massage two three drops of any oil which suits you. Make sure you use the cold pressed oils. A good choice of oil for dry skin is avocado oil/ olive oil/ sweet almond oil.

• Drink at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water in the morning. This will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Facial Cleanser:


Use a moisturizing facial cleanser in winter months. You should avoid using foam based cleansers, if you have dry skin and opt for cream or soap free cleansers. Here you have two options:
1. Using cleansing milk: Cleansing milk will deep clean your pores and will not strip the moisture from your skin.
2. Using powder facial cleanser:
Use 1: 1 ratio of milk powder and unsweetened cocoa powder. You can store this in an airtight container and store it for further use. Take 1 tbsp of this powder and mix it with water to form a paste. Massage it on your skin for five minutes and wash off with water. Lactic acid present in milk will deep clean your skin while cocoa powder will moisturize and add a beautiful glow to your skin.

Facial toner:


• Avoid facial toners with alcohol as it will dry out your skin. It is a good idea to make homemade toner, which will balance the pH level of your skin, shrink pores and makes your skin ready for applying moisturizer.

• DIY toner for winters: Take aloe vera gel, avocado/sweet almond oil/olive oil, distilled water in a ratio of 1:1:2. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and shake it well. Use this as a toner after cleaning your face with a cleanser. You can also use this mist as a moisturizing spray on your face throughout the day.

Eye gel:

After toning your skin, do apply an eye gel especially formulated for under eye area. I have mentioned an eye gel and not an eye cream because gel is good for daytime use and cream is good for night time use. Use ring finger to apply the eye gel and lightly massage it.

Facial Moisturizer:

Use your favorite facial moisturizer, after you have cleansed and toned your skin. You can either use a day time moisturizer or a moisturizing sunscreen. Make sure you massage the moisturizer well into your skin and give it time to get absorbed into the skin before applying makeup.

Lip balm:


This is the most important thing if you want to prevent dry and chapped lips. Re-apply lip balms after meals and whenever you feel your lips need hydration.

Night time skin care routine:

Facial cleanser:

• The best thing for winters is oil cleansing method. You do not have to follow the exact oils, which are given online for OCM. You can make an oil blend which suits your skin.

• I use a blend of avocado oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil in a ratio of 2:1:2. This oil blend suits my skin. You must experiment and find out the oil blend which suits you. Oils can make or break your skin, so choose your oil carefully.


• Massage a few drops of oil blend on your face for 2 minutes. If you have applied makeup, then you will need extra oil to remove your makeup. After this wipe your skin with facial tissue soaked in lukewarm water. Now take a wash cloth soaked in warm water and drain the excess water. Now keep this wash cloth on your face for 5 minutes. This will open your pores and remove that extra dirt and grime from your pores.

Facial toner:

After this step, you can directly apply toner.

Eye cream:


Use a moisturizing eye cream for night time use. This will nourish your under eye area while you sleep. You can also use an oil of your choice, as an under-eye cream but make sure it suits you as under eye area is very delicate. If you are using oils, make sure that you massage it nicely and pat the excess oil with a tissue.

Facial serum:


A facial serum is an elixir, which is formulated to treat specific skin problems. It will smooth out wrinkles, fades dark spots, reduce pores and brightens up your skin. You can use it during day time also but as you if do not have much time during the day, you can use it at night. Just identify your skin problem and buy serum which will target your specific skin issue.

Facial moisturizer:


Use a heavy cream for night time use. As this is going to stay all night and hydrate your skin. Creams with Vitamin E are good for night time use as they repair and rejuvenate skin cells.

That’s it for today guys. Take care!!

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