Bio Beaute by Nuxe Detox Face Mask is your Perfect Travel Partner

Bio Beaute by Nuxe Detox Face Mask is your Perfect Travel Partner

bio beaute nuxe detox face mask

Claims : Bio Beauté Vitamin-Rich Detox Mask with orange water was specially created to detoxify all skin type. Ultra-sensory and with its vitamin-rich fragrance of Essences of Orange and Mandarin, the light texture of this mask removes impurities thanks to Orange water and Myrtle extracts. It detoxifies the skin, evens the complexion which becomes clear, radiant and beautiful.Non comedogenic. Paraben-free.

Price : Rs 350 for 15 ml jar

Purchased from : French Pharmacy but you get it at Sephora in India. In Europe I found it at most big department stores such as Coup.

Claims : Apply a thick layer, leave to work 5 minutes and then massage. The gel will transform into a fine oil, which becomes a milky emulsion on contact with water for express rinsing.

Ingredients :

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My Experience with Bio Beaute by Nuxe Detox Face Mask

So this time around while travelling I picked up multiple jars of smaller products than buying bigger jars. Mostly it was easier to pack and carry things along the way. This is my second jar of this amazing mask.

It’s a very unique mask, something that I have not tried before. So you apply this gel like mask on your skin and leave it around for 10-15 minutes, then massage it and it turns into oil. Upon application of water it turns milky and cleanses off easily. The whole process is kind of exciting. In the end it all it leaves skin refreshed and clean.

  • It is a sticky gel like mask that goes on clear on your skin. i found it so appropriate for using it in-flight. Because except making your face look oily , it is pretty transparent. So you wouldn’t get strange looks from people around you. You can happily enjoy your relaxing time. 😀
  • It smells amazing…like fresh orange peels. The mask contains orange water.
  • It also contains myrtle extract that is used as an antiseptic and acne prevention ingredient in many skin care products.
  • It leaves skin soooo clean and rejuvenated. I call it a wake-me-up mask. It’s a perfect post-holiday product as well. 🙂
  • When you apply it as a pack, it works as a skin rejuvenator. When you massage it it acts as a deep cleanser. Hello, clean skin!
  • It does not dry out my skin but since I have dry skin to start with, I feel the need to moisturise afterwards.
  • Ingredients used are all organic.
  • It can be used for all skin types.
  • It is paraben free and non comedogenic.

Overall, I LOVEEE this mask. I am definitley making this as a part of my skin care routine. It makes my skin look and feel so clean and fresh every time I use it. Don’t expect it to be a miraculous mask that would vanish all your skin problems. But it would definitely take care of your skin and make it looks sooo good.

Another good find during the travel. 🙂

Rating : 5/5

bio beaute nuxe detox face mask review



Swatch:bio beaute nuxe detox face mask swatch

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14 thoughts on “Bio Beaute by Nuxe Detox Face Mask is your Perfect Travel Partner

  1. I want this 🙂 so tempting…seems a must have for travels
    Rati, is it required to wash it off? Can it be wiped off with a wet tissue or can it just be massaged into the skin?

  2. Wow Rati…this is such a unique product and good one to have…we do not get such products in India..sad..u know I am also using a deep cleansing oil by watsons which turns milky and cleanss off easily…like a face wash but an oil…no cotton no tissues used…ekdum hassle free…I had never come across such a product till this one.

    1. radhika you get it in sephora india. :)) yes! i tried one oil from boscia.. picked up from sephora only and that also turns milky upon contact with water. love the feel!! :))

  3. They should mention that this is not edible hahaha 🙂 i am in love with the pics.. the consistency is just soo perfect 🙂 smells like orange peels that is the best part 🙂

  4. Such a budget friendly thing……I am getting this one surely before my next excursion…. we go for long jungle tours…n without much skin care I come back looking like lady Tarzan 😛

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