Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap – Review

Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap – Review

Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap : I am a recent soap convert and the reason behind being the current surge of a large variety of natural, handmade soaps from brands especially like FabIndia.I used to be contented with my body washes for long and Soaps never used to impress me before I started using these so called natural ones which claim to contain so many tempting herbal ingredients, and are moisturising, free from harmful chemicals etc. I decided to keep aside my favorite body washes for a while and went all about exploring the world of Soaps from different brands.

Though I am not a big fan of Biotique as a brand, I wanted to try out one of their soaps just for the sake of experimenting. I checked out the Biotique website for knowing the different types of soaps they have. While browsing through, happened to see the Biotique Promise: “Bio Action of Vinita J Research” is a credible source of a scientific organization that carefully selects high quality plants and herbs and uses advanced biotechnology along with time- tested know-how of oriental medicine to create safe and efficacious products which will enhance the consumer’s glow.” Sounds good isn’t it? Well, as given in the products section they have 4 varieties of soaps – Almond Oil, Basil & Parsley, Himalayan Plum and Orange Peel Exfoliating Soap. The nearest store at my place had stock of all these except Basil & Parsley and I picked up Himalayan Plum.

Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap
Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap

What the product claims:
This soap making involves the blending of traditional Ayurvedic formula with the most modern technological knowledge. A fine natural base is prepared and extracts of fruits, flowers and vegetables are skillfully added. It is hypo-allergenic & clinically tested to be gentle and non-irritating. Regular use makes the body free from skin problems like ringworm, scabies and dermatitis infection. It leaves the skin clean and healthy looking.
Himalayan Plum (Aadu Ras) 2.0%, Sapindus Trifoliatus (Ritha) 1.5%, Berberis Aristata (Daru Haldi) 1.0%, Embelica Officinales (Amla) 1.5%, Melia Azadirachta (Neem Chhal) 0.2%, Curcuma Longa (Haldi) 0.1%, Cleanser base 84%, Purified water to make QS.

Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap
Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap

Price: Rs.70 for 150 gm

My Expectation Vs Experience: I had some sort of an expectation regarding how this soap looked like and smelled when I chose this Plum variant, the pack also had lovely plum pics! When I opened the pack, to my disappointment I could find an opaque soap bar looking exactly like the classic Lifebuoy in a different shape; the fresh bar smelled somewhat like an ordinary soap, kind of that usual, chemical smell. Frankly, I was expecting a transparent soap, with reddish, pink tint somewhat like the FabIndia wild rose kind. But I cannot blame Biotique since they have not mentioned anywhere that this is transparent, in fact when I checked the site again I could find the Basil & Parsley soap was transparent. Needless to say, the first impression was not very appealing…

Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap
Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap

The soap is quite sturdy and lathered really well; the smell was mild and not chemical like while it lathered, Thank God!! I had a feeling that this is quite moisturizing, after all it is all pure and natural, until when I washed it off completely. But alas my skin felt so stretchy. I somehow hated that initial feeling, though I don’t think the stretchy feel lasts for long. Before waiting for long I grabbed my body lotion….I agree, “extracts of fruits, flowers and vegetables are skillfully added to a fine NATURAL BASE”, could be true to its claim, but am confused about this base and I strongly feel something un-natural in this base would be the reason behind that stretchy feel. If they say it is natural base why don’t they reveal what all they used to prepare this cleanser base??Questions are lingering on in my mind whenever I use this soap and I really don’t know if I will use it till it is over or discard after some time- mixed feelings!

What I like about Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap

:yes: Contains natural ingredients such as plum which are supposed to be good for skin in the long run.
:yes: Lathers very well.
:yes: Quantity (150gm) is good enough to last really long.
:yes: This soap is not likely to turn mushy with prolonged use because of its dense texture.
:yes: Has a mild fragrance.

What I didn’t like in Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap

:no:  There is a stretchy feeling on skin once you wash off completely which I don’t like. It is too much of a “squeaky clean” effect. Not sure if this has any drying effect on skin may be because I slather on my body lotion immediately after bath.
:no: Not moisturizing enough- may not be suited for very dry skin unless you make it a point to use your body butter/lotion regularly without fail.
:no: As always Biotique never reveals the entire ingredient list except for the natural ingredients. They have mentioned Cleanser Base (80%) but not given any details as to what all constitute this base, especially am curious to know what makes it lather so much.

My Rating would be :-*:-*:-* for this soap.

Will I repurchase: Not likely, though I want to try out their Almond oil variant which I have heard is quite moisturizing.

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34 thoughts on “Biotique Himalayan Plum Soap – Review

  1. oh not a very good experience…..
    The other day at TBS, my son asked as to why are their soaps made of glass… They do look like glass don’t they? Never tried them. Have u ?

  2. I love hand made soaps. really enjoying my Khadi soaps these days. Infact i am liking Khadi soaps better than Fab india’s. 🙂 This one might be worth a try. And plums…yum! That sounds refreshing. :))

      1. actually you know I am not too fusy about soaps drying about skin because even soap free stuff does that to my skin. 😛 I always and always apply a body lotion after bath,. 🙂

    1. cali i just read dat u had an oriflame haul.. plz plz do a review on the maxi gloss na… :drool: :waiting: :suspense: :fingersxd:

  3. I used to love that Orange Peel Soap – like back before they sold Khadi – now it retropsect, I think I prefer the Khadi soaps to the Biotique ones – but you know all said and done the Biotique soaps are pretty decent soaps ….

  4. totally agree with you shyna , this soap doesnt have the “feel good” look 😮

    i have tried the almond variant of biotique … khadi is way way way way way better :-* :-* . mint for the summers and honey/ olive for winters … :-))

  5. Eww thats kinda ugly. It looks like the old lifeboy soap. But as long as it works, nothing else matters 🙂 🙂
    If you are looking for translucent soaps, Fab India has those. And they are all organic too, I bought 2 the other day, Tea tree and Orange cinnamon. Yet to use them, but they look & smell yummm.

  6. :-)) Hey Shyna…..I do not trust soap to do the moisturizing effect except may be Tedibar soap……..body lotions are the only way out

    1. but Jomol, there are many soaps(of course the natural ones)which are not the drying kind. the difference between the usual soaps and these types are that they contain more of natural ingredients and oils which prevent skin from drying.

  7. Hi Shyna, i’ve used all the three soaps of Biotique except this Plum soap. If u r looking fr a moisture kind of feeling (i said ‘kind-of-feeling’ bcoz i’m nt sure abt its trueness), u can go for Basil n parsely. I’ve 2 warn u, the smell is nt pleasant …atleast fr me. I’m using Almond oil soap these days and i quite liked it…its given on the packaging that it’s a vegetable cleanser (nt sure what the ‘vegetable’ thingie doin there 😐 ). Bt it really cleanses skin to a grt extent . Last bt nt the least…’Orange Peel Soap’ is my fav soap till date. I’ve combination -to-oily skin and it worked wonders on my skin. Every time i used it…it gave me a glow(mayb bcoz of the exfoliation by the granules in it). Bt clearley, it improved my complexion also. Bt, mayb its again my feeling :-/

  8. The Himalayan plum is definitely not recommended for dry skin…. I have used dove soap for years and I never needed a body lotion after a bath… But this biotique soap has forced me to use a mosturizer after bath and even by the end of the day…. I am waiting for this soap to get over soon… It has made my skin so dry that I my feet is cracked really bad….. I don’t want to even try any other soap from biotique… The quantity of cleanser base is too much compared to the natural ingredient…

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