Bobbi Brown Lip Colour Pink Mauve Review

Bobbi Brown Lip Colour Pink Mauve

Hello Ladies,

I am going to be reviewing for you all another lip colour, this one is from Bobbi Brown and probably one of my most go to neutral colours. This colour was introduced to me by my mum, this too is one of her favourite colours.

Product Claims- This creamy, semi-matte lipstick gives lips instant polish with rich, full coverage. Wear alone or pair with Lip Liner or one of Bobbi’s Lip Glosses – depending on your desired effect. Black lipstick cases feature metallic chrome detailing.

Cost– £19.50

My Experience with Bobbi Brown Lip Colour Pink Mauve

This was probably the first lipstick I had experimented with, because it is so subtle and pretty, it looks great on all skin tones. And because it is slightly neutral, it would not look to loud or over the top. So for first time apprehensions for lipstick, this was a great colour to start off with.

The packaging of this lipstick, is like standard Bobbi Brown lipsticks. They come in a sleek, sexy, black packaging with gold hardware and Bobbi Brown embossed on the front of the lipstick. The shade is written on the bottom of the lipstick in white coloured font.

Colour– The colour is a gorgeous rich pink, it is very neutral and is not too loud or frosty at all. I would say that its sort of a lighter form of rich berry colours. It has blue undertones, which make the face and teeth look radiant and very put together. Also, you don’t have to wear a lip liner with this lipstick, it does not bleed and is just the perfect sort of colour, for an every day look.

Finish– The colour is most definitely not matte, it is creamy and has a slight sheen to it. I would not say it is overly glossy, it is just enough to give a slight shine to the colour.

Pigmentation– It has really great pigmentation, you are able to achieve the colour with just one swipe. You can build up the colour, with more swipes if you want a more darker and intense colour on your lips. The great thing about this lipstick is that, it does not appear too cake-y upon numerous application.

Texture– The texture of this lipstick is very creamy and glides smoothly on the lips, like all other Bobbi brown lip colours. It is very smooth upon application, you feel no sort of dryness on your lips, as a matter of fact, my lips feel well moisturised whenever I have applied this on my lips. And look lovely and hydrated.

Staying power- Okay, so because it is a light shade and not too dark, you would expect it to have a poor staying power. However, it has a really good staying power. It did not move when I have small meals, or drink tea. Although, it slightly fades when you eat big meals, so you might want to reapply it as per your preference.

Smell/ Taste– Lastly, like all other Bobbi Brown lipstick this does not have an overpowering smell. It has a subtle fragrance, which does not irritate your nose in any which way. It also does not have any taste to it, which is great.


Pros of Bobbi Brown Lip Colour Pink Mauve

• A lovely light berry pink coloured lip colour, with very subtle hues of red to it in different lights. It has a blue undertone, so gives you a polished and radiant look to the face.
• Can be worn daily during the day, is the perfect everyday colour.
• Creamy finish, with a slight sheen to it.
• Glides extremely well on the lips, and leaves them smooth and soft.
• It has great pigmentation, one swipe and you are good to go.
• Has a relatively strong staying power.
• Luxurious, eye catching packaging!
• Smells lovely and does not have any peculiar fragrance to it.

bobbi brown pink mauve swatch

Cons of Bobbi Brown Lip Colour Pink Mauve

• Honestly, just cannot think of any to be honest with you. It is absolutely lovely.

Will I repurchase Bobbi Brown Lip Colour Pink Mauve?

Yes, we have constantly repurchased this for daily wear use. So it would be a definite yes from my end.

IMBB rating– 5/5

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  1. Very nice shade rasshi… Ohh bobbi brown…. Why r u limited to new delhi….. There r so many beauty lovers totally cravin’ for u… Nice review dear

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