Cranberry Shimmer Lotion – The Body Shop Review

Hi gorgeous gals.. This is my first review on IMBB and I’m going to start off with the Cranberry Shimmer Lotion from The Body Shop. I got it last year when it was available in the Christmas season of Nov-Dec(while stocks last). i have been eyeing it for 2 years finally couldn’t resist last(and i am glad i couldn’t ). I picked it up from The Body Shop at Great India Place, Noida.

Price: Rs. 745 for 250 ml

I think the quantity is really good for the price as the lotion itself is a little too thick and i mix it with a lighter lotion

The Body Shop claims about the Cranberry Shimmer Lotion: “Best if you want to: Make sure your skin is soft, smooth and shimmering for the holidays with a light (nope), easily-absorbed (no-way!!) moisturizer that has a sweet, fruity scent.(yes!!!)

Best for: all skin types

How it works:

  • Cranberry seed oil moisturizes skin.(true)
  • Community Trade shea butter protects (no clue) and softens skin.(not really)
  • Community Trade sesame oil moisturizes (true) and softens skin.(not really)
  • Ingredients: Aqua, cetearyl alcohol, mica, glycerin, butyrospermum, perkii butter, isopropyl palmitate, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, sesamum indicum oil, glyceryl stearate, peg-100 stearate, parfum, dimethicone, glycol stearate, phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, vaccinium macrocarpon seed oil, carbomer, xanthan gum, sodium hydroxide, disodium edta, benzyl banzoate, linalool, tocopherol, glycine soja oil, citral, limonene, Cl 77891, Cl 17200
  • Expires in: 3 years

Appearance and usage: The pump-type bottle is really attractive and reminds you instantly of festivities and everything glowy and sparkly.. also its hygienic to use as the pump allows you to dispense only as much as you need. and like any intelligently-packed product, the pump can be twisted and locked in place. I just toss the bottle in my bag when I travel(which I do a lot) and it has never ever spilled. This is what it looks like..

The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion
The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion

Storage: It’s been almost 11 months since i bought it and I have noticed that some of the lotion was kind of jammed at the mouth and i had some difficulty in making it come out when I pumped it after a break of around 2 months.. but the remaining quantity was in the original consistency..

The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion
The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion

but then I really do not have any control on that aspect as I  can’t clean the mouth after each use. Unless I open the main cap, which I don’t for the fear of spilling..

Fragrance: Not too strong, not too light.. just right.. and very sensual! Though I do need to bring my hand closer to get a whiff of it. Not sure if it really smells of cranberries as i never really sniffed a cranberry as far as i can remember 😉 but i like it anyway..

Spread: It is a fairly thick lotion which does spread easily but does not get absorbed so smoothly.. this is how it is after moderate rubbing..

The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion
The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion

and this is after some more rubbing(white light)..

The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion
The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion

How do I use it: I usually mix one part of this lotion to two parts of some other light body lotion and just rub on my arms and legs or sometimes the neck. never on the face as i feel that will look very tacky and i am afraid of breaking out. and i must say that i love the shimmery party-ish effect. infact it makes me want to look at my skin again n again 🙂
The effect: the shimmer, i feel, is just right.. not glittery, not over-the-top, but very subtle and fine.. the pic above ahows it in white light.. and this is how it looks in yellow light..

The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion
The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion

Somehow it reminds me of the Biotique coconut milk cream which also has shimmer in it but is quite thicker than this one. That one though is priced at Rs. 199 and it also makes my skin appear a bit greasy.

Pros of The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion:

  • Love the subtle- shimmery effect
  • Good value for money as a little goes a long way
  • Does not irritate or react with skin in any way
  • The shimmer stays for long
  • Attractive and hygienic packing
  • Fairly long shelf life(i would get bored of a product anyhow in so much time)

Cons of The Body SHop Cranberry Shimmer Lotion:

  • Limited edition (i had to hunt a lot and kind of wait for it to appear in stores.. grabbed one as soon as i came to know its available. The SA’s at The Body Shop, Ludhiana had no clue about when it would be up for sale)
  • A little too thick to spread easily by itself
  • The fragrance does not really radiate out(if you know what i mean)

Will I repurchase: YES.. if I am ever able to finish this bottle as the quantity is really good and it’s not like i need to apply shimmer every day.

Rating: :-* :-*:-*:-* + 0.5 (marks cut on the consistency part)

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31 thoughts on “Cranberry Shimmer Lotion – The Body Shop Review

  1. Hey Yasmeen, great and quite informative review!! 🙂 🙂 … I really liked it, as I am usually more inclined towards thicker, non-greasy body lotions thanks to my over-dry skin. :-/ :-/ Now, I wonder where do we have Body shop store in Bangalore ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) …

    1. Hey thanks 🙂 i have a dry skin too but this one doesn’t really perform any function except shimmer.. but worth a try def!! try the store location in the body shop india website.. i’m sure u will find it in Bangalore.. and don;t forget to exchange notes 🙂

      1. Oh cool!! …Thanks Vinitha..Which Forum BTW? ?:-) Koramangala one or the marathalli one? Coz I went to Forum last month, and I couldn’t find it anywhere!! :struggle: :struggle:

    2. you can find body shop stores at sigma mall,shopper’s stop and meenakshi mall in bannerghtta road,,,but most of the time they dont have all body shop products, they only have basic ones so im not sure if they have this or not

  2. Hey Yasmeen..Welcome to IMBB!!

    This looks like a really good shimmery lotion…wonder why never saw it at TBS outlets ?:-) but will surely keep an eye for it now

    1. Thanks HD… i’m glad to be a part of IBMM.. well even i came to know about it randomly 2 yrs ago and never paid attention.. then i actually came to know what it is and then stalked the stores till they got it in stock for the Christmas season.. so u better begin doing the same now 🙂

  3. wow yasmeen what a shimmering first reveiew
    may be the consistency is like that coz we may need to use very little
    and the biotique one u mentioned,,,is it still available?
    never seen it

    1. Hey thanks Neha:) yeah u are right maybe its a deliberate thing.. and yes the Biotique one is available easily.. i’m on my second jar now in fact.

  4. I tried this in the shop but found it too thick and difficult to spread..besides I really didn’t want a shimmery lotion…I just have to try anything that looks pretty 😀 😀 I liked your idea of mixing it with some lighter lotion…would give the perfect consistency 🙂

  5. Hi Yasmeen – nice first review! 🙂

    and yay, i liked this one too. i had it some years back. again one of the limited editions from Xmas 🙁
    i didnt like the consistency as you said – apart frm thick, i felt it was a bit rough (the shimmer?! :p)

    btw Biotique Coconut milk cream has shimmer??! :o) I got it, found it cumbersome to use and very thick and gave it to my maid! :idk:
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..Styling for frizzy- wavy curly hair – teaser =-.

    1. Thanks gaea… n yeah the biotique one has shimmer… but strangely enough even i’d bought it few yrs ago and kind of tossed it in the bin.. but now when i bought it few yrs later i’m loving it.. i think they have changed something in it 🙂

  6. Hi Yasmeen, welcome to IMBB. 🙂

    I don’t have a single shimmer lotion because either I have a foudation that has illuminating particles or I use powder highlighters. PLanning to pick up somthing similar in the coming winters. let’s see what i pick.

    Nice review. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rati.. well i have never used either foundation or powder but yeah i do have shimmer powder which i use for my eyes.. and this lotion for the rest of my body

  7. Just tried the lotion and struggling to get out of its hold. In fact it even shimmers the dress you wear. You can see the glitter all over your dress. I even experimented it on my face and the effect was disastrous. Never ever do that. It smells good …no doubt. Very thick and will definitely last till the date of expiry. Can’t feel any special moisturising effect.

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