Boroline’s Suthol Chandan Plus-Review

By Tarrannum Ara

Boroline’s Suthol Chandan Plus-Review

This is my first review for IMBB and it feels good to review products and helping others to select the best in skin care range. I will be reviewing Suthol Chandan Plus Refreshing Skin Shower.
suthol chandan plus skin shower

Since summer is getting harsher every year, refreshing skin care products are most sought. Boroline is a very old brand and I rely on its products without thinking twice. Suthol is not just an antiseptic liquid like Dettol but a complete skin care product that protects and also heals.

This product is available in spray bottles too. But I prefer to have regular bottled ones in order to prevent wastage of the product.

Product description:

    • Suthol Skin Shower Chandan Plus heals prickly heat, rashes and itchy skin, inside out.
    • 24*7 freshness formula.
    • Use after bath to keep away rashes and stay fresh.
    • Apply under arms, beneath undergarments to stop itching.
    • Use after shave to disinfect and soothe.
    • Use after waxing/threading. Also disinfects, sanitizes and cures cuts, minor burns, insect bite irritations.


30 INR for 100ml.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution IP 0.3% V/V

Cetrimide 0.6% W/V

Ethanol (95%) IP 7% V/V

Color: Ponceau 4R and Sunset Yellow

 My experience with Boroline’s Suthol Chandan Plus:

I usually opt for the regular Suthol in green color but the Chandan Plus formula attracted me. Later when I checked the constituent list, I found no mention of Sandal. But since the mild fragrance of Sandalwood was captivating, I was happy using it. It is a perfect treat for summer and is a miracle remedy for minor cuts, burns and insect bites. I never ditch it after summer as it helps me throughout the year. If I find any pimple popped by mistake, I make it a point to put some Suthol on that spot with a cotton wool. The next day I find my zit dried without any infection. I make it a point to carry Suthol whenever I am visiting parlor for threading. It prevents rashes on my eyebrows that are caused due to threading.

I have noticed that Suthol is slightly foaming when the bottle is shaken. But while using it, I never noticed any soapy texture. I don’t know why the foam is created. The liquid is tinted due to the presence of coloring agents, however it doesn’t stain clothes. I don’t like the colour for some reason. Perhaps, because it reminds me of Dettol!


I always use it after shaving and it prevents bumps. I have a sensitive skin and I never faced problem with Suthol. The consistency is very runny like any other antiseptic liquid and you can use it directly or with cotton. In summers, I use it lavishly by pouring directly on the skin. It’s cheap and tempting!

The best part is that it doesn’t provide temporary relief but aids in the healing process.  Cuts are healed very quickly with the use of Suthol.

 Pros of Boroline’s Suthol Chandan Plus:

  • Doesn’t sting when applied on cuts.
  • Cuts and minor injury heals very quickly with its use.
  • Prevents rashes and skin eruptions.
  • Provides freshness when body is wiped with it.
  • Can be used in bathing water.
  • Perfect smell, though I miss the old original Suthol.
  • Can be used if any pimple has popped to prevent spreading of infection.

Cons of Boroline’s Suthol Chandan Plus:

No cons at all.

Will I repurchase Boroline’s Suthol Chandan Plus?

I will definitely buy another bottle of Suthol. I am using it past 3 years. But I will go back to the original green bottle. So many benefits at such a cheap rate, I feel anyone who starts using it can never quit it!


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14 thoughts on “Boroline’s Suthol Chandan Plus-Review

  1. At the cost of sounding naive, I have to admit that I have never heard of a product called Boroline Suthol!! :O
    Seems like an all-rounder product!! 🙂 Is it similar to Dettol?

  2. Not similar to dettol. Dettol is almost like some product meant for hospitals and you cannot use dettol on boils can you? It doesnot sting like dettol and is very skin friendly. Cooling and soothing.

  3. Good review Tarannum. I have also used the green suthol and I too agree that it helps a lot.
    This can be used as a cologne after bath. just when half of water in the bucket remains, pour some drops of suthol in it and finish the bath… its really helpful in summers and in those days… keeps you fresh, bacteria away so no skin irritation/infection. fantastic product at throw away price…

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