Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm Review

Hello you pretty girls out there! Hope you all doing well. Today I am going to finally review my so called ‘miracle’ lip bam. I have been using this since 6 months almost and will go on using this for may be lifetime (I hope they don’t discontinue this 🙁 ).

Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm

This is the one product which fits into my daily night time routine. I can never skip this product at any cost. I even try to reach to this during day time even it is a night lip balm. Crazy moi! :)) :yahoo:

So here is the much awaited review.

Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm

Product name: Baume de Nuit Night Lip Balm

Price: Anywhere between INR 475/- to 550/- (depending on where you buy it from)
Quantity: 7 g/0.25 oz.

What it is:
Your night time prescription: a tinted lip balm which restores lips while you sleep. What it is formulated to do: The formula moisturizes and restores lips all night long; filled with emollient oils & repairing agents.

What else you need to know:
The creamy texture makes lips look visibly repaired and nourished in the morning. Let your night time treatment work while you sleep!
Featured in one sheer pinky shade.

Ingredients: I tried searching for this on many sites. But no avail! There is no ingredients list available for this product. :((
This is the size of the tub. It is small and can be easily carried in your bag. Travel friendly!

Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm

I always face problem of dry, chapped lips. Even in summer my lips tend to become dehydrated and look dry. And yes, I have tried innumerable over the counter lip treatments, lip balms, chap sticks. I hate the fact of putting lip treatments every 5 min. And in busy schedule you always forget about it and at the end of the day your lips are again in dry state. So when I came across this product I was more than happy to have a unique lip balm for night use. Over the night it repairs and restores lips moisture to have super smooth and soft lips in the morning. I was overwhelmed with the idea and did not mind the high price. But then after continuous usage I found that this works like miracle. Now I just have to apply it at night and forget the fact I ever had chapped lips!! I love it so much that though it’s a night lip balm I try to grab it even in day time or before applying my lip make-up. In 15 mins the effect is seen and lips get hydrated and treated. It is sheer pink. The color is not at all seen. So it can be used under any lip products. There is no tint, no fragrance and no taste too. 😛

Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm

This product is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to bother with a lot of different lip treatments. I’ve been using it for months and my lips have never been softer and more moisturized!!! :))
The formula is very thick and stays on for whole night. However, it is not at all greasy. It feels comfortable on lips and hence can be applied anytime.
Swatch of the lip balm. You see how thick it is and hence it lasts the whole night on your lips. But its non-greasy. :))

Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm

Pros of Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm:

• Works like ‘miracle’ for my dry lips.
• Non-greasy formula. Hence can be even used during day time.
• Make your lips smooth. Reduces crease lines. Hence, your lip products look better after you have used this.
• A unique formula for night by Bourjois. I had never heard of any special ‘Night’ lip balm before this.
• Fragrance free.
• Not only repairs your dry, chapped lips but also restores moisture overnight.
• Its worth the price because it would last you for a year alteast. I am using it since 6 months day and night and am not even close to half finished!

Cons of Bourjois Restoring Night Lip Balm

• Not easily available. Whenever I find this I tend to stock up more.
• No ingredients list :((.
• You have to dip ur fingers as its in tub. But I don’t mind using q-tip or dipping my finger in this as I am getting the main purpose solved.

Would I buy it again?

Definitely YES! It something which I will keep buying forever. Atleast as a night lip balm. :))
Overall, it’s a wonderful night balm, you wake up looking kissable. Say goodbye to dry lips with this product. :yahoo:
This stuff is wonderful and will now be a permanent staple in my makeup bag!!!

Would I recommend it to other?

Totally!!!! This is a must buy for all those who wants soft, smooth kissable lips every morning.
My rating: Full five! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

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  1. jinal thanku so much!my lips are the exact same like urs!chapstick every 5 mins infact now whn am stdng there are 3 lipbalms as my bookmarks :whistle:
    pleaseeee tell me where u got it from and if its available at the bourjois counter?

    saviour product great review

  2. hi jinal…..nice review…have heard rave reviews abt this on other blogs as well…but i dont think its available in india that easily…..
    but no lip balm stays on me fr more than a min….leave aside….whole night…..

    1. Shilpa…..try this
      it will surely stay whole night…..even I tend to eat away my lip products….so I can understand
      but this is not the same
      try it….and u can get it at bourjois counter in most of stores

        1. Oeyyy… :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: you know the bestest news ever :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: MAC guys showing off saying come early otherwise we might run out of stock and all….errrr…strike and stone pelting in Bangalore so nobody going anywhere out of their house… 😐 😐 ok its not funny..but like 😐 😐 I found it funny 😐 😐 😐 I am in a mood to laugh at everything horrible happening ot anyone and donchoooo dare tell me not to laugh..I earned the right to laugh at annnnnnyone for a few days :toothygrin:

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  3. wow..heard about it a looot… but i couldn’t get it coz i’m living in an alien town :green: where i don’t get anything.. :hunterwali: but will try hard to find it online :fingersxd:

    1. yes costly…..but miraculous so I dint mind
      and the product u get lasts for almost a year or more…totally worth it that way no? :))

  4. :toothygrin: Ratiiiiii post na please..I too want to buy Mehr and Siahi!! Jomol is making fun of me..saying her curse worked :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: ..atleast you flaunt here…..Me and Rads will feel happy!! ! :woot: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

            1. @Cali
              Mehr mehr….get it
              the texture is amazing….much better than Cosmo too for me
              will look great on you :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: nooooooooooooooo only phor me…all alone I eattt…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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