Jovees Lip Balm Review

For someone with severe dry lips like mine, lip balm is an absolute necessity… I need to exfoliate and hydrate my lips at least twice a day else they start to look and feel like sandpaper! And this happens even in the humid Mumbai weather. So you can imagine what the dry summers and harsh winters of Delhi do to my lips… they are perennially chapped!!! So lip balms are my constant companions. I stuck to the Vaseline tube for years…. It worked all right in the college days but by the time I started working, I was bored of it. Then, dad got me a dermalogica stick. That was definitely a better product and lasted me forever. Again, I stuck to this one for a while. The problem with this was the formation of a sticky white residue over my lips. That meant having to wipe, wash and re-apply after a couple of hours.

A random visit to the market led me to a cosmetic shop. I was actually looking for scrubs when the irritating SA tried to sell me all sorts of skin care products from Jovees. Now Jovees is not a very popular brand but I had tried out a hair pack from them about a year back and was quite happy with it. So, I listened to the SA. At the end of it, I picked up an anti tan face pack. Then, my eyes fell on a solitary tub of Jovees lip balm at the counter. The pretty pink colour of Jovees kind of called out to me coz both Vaseline and Dermalogica were colourless balms. Here, check out the lovely shade.

Jovees Lip Balm open tub
Jovees Lip Balm open tub

This was a lavender flavored one and I was intrigued. Most beauty blogs mentioned strawberry, cherry or mint, maybe chocolate flavored Jovees balms… I had never come across a lavender flavored one. I asked the SA if this was tinted. She told me it was lightly tinted and would impart a soft pink colour.  It was cheap too! I bought it for Rs 65 (this was in May and am not sure of the current price. Being cooped up at home with a baby hampers field research! I checked online though and Jovees lip balm is available for Rs 80) and the tub contains 5gms of product. The tub is pretty tiny and easy to carry even in your pockets.

Jovees Lip Balm Look
Jovees Lip Balm Look

I have thrown away the packaging and there is absolutely nothing written on the tub except for Jovees on the cap. However, I found this info online.

JOVEES Lip Balm offers complete Lip Care with a specially developed formula that contains pure almond and olive extracts along with natural Vitamin A, B, C And E. This unique formula soothes and conditions the delicate lip area, restores moisture and brings shine and happiness. An excellent recipe for dull, dry and chapped lips.
Ingredients: Wheat Germ, Almond , Olive, Jojoba, Lavender.

I have used this since then and made a tiny dent in the tub. It is not too greasy and there was no white residue (happy happy me) and it served me well in the summer. However, it still has to be tested in the winters. Here are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for this lip balm –

The Good
• Light weight and non greasy. Gets absorbed quite well and leaves my lip hydrated and smooth
• Loses the balmy shine very soon leaving the lip looking quite natural
• It has no taste
• There is no plumping action. My lower lip is quite plump already and lip balms will plumping action will make it look bee stung!
• Lasts me about 2-3 hours with mild eating and drinking. I don’t expect too much from my balms because the dryness starts to catch up after a while
• Easy to carry around and the snug cap will ensure there is no spillage or contamination
• Not expensive at all

The Bad
• There is no colour payoff at all!!! It was sold to me as a tinted balm but it does not add any pink colour to my skin. Although, this is more of the SA’s fault than the product’s.
• Hygiene is a big issue with tub based packaging. I always end up with balm underneath my long fingernails… eww kinda feeling
• There is no info on the actual tub. Ingredients, date of manufacture and expiry or even the flavor. Do they really expect us to preserve the paper packaging??? Unlike the website where you see a box, mine was packaged in a transparent plastic casing stuck to think paper
• Does not soothe the chapped area on lips unlike vaseline

The Ugly
• For a lavender lip balm, it smells like Nilgiri ka tel (Eucalyptus Oil) added to a herbal concoction. I don’t mind Nilgiri ka smell because it reminds me of Mehndi but I don’t want to smell that in my lip balm! Especially not one that claims to be a floral one.

Jovees Lip Balm on Lips
Jovees Lip Balm on Lips

Will I repurchase? Nope, I don’t think so. Even though it delivers on hydration, it fails miserably on colour (Check out the pic of just applied balm) and fragrance – two very important things. Let’s face it, If I were looking only for hydration, I’d have slathered ghee or malai on my lips… right?

I was tempted to try the lemon flavoured balm in hopes of it being better, but not anymore. Discovering Nivea fruitshine drove lemon out of my mind!!! Craving the pomegranate one now. Another unheard lip balm flavor!


45 thoughts on “Jovees Lip Balm Review

  1. Lovely review, Anks. I have never been able to pick jovees ever. Like always end up getting attracted to some other brand. :((

    Lip Balm lasts for 2-3 hours?? I have to try this out. 😐 😐 😐

    1. Thank you Rati… they are not aggressive on marketing and i have seen their products in very few shops… the products are decent though… not too great, not too bad…. i loved the anti tan face pack!

      in the summer, 2-3 hours is fine na… nivea lasts longer! 🙂

      1. Oh their SAs are kinds annoying. 🙁 May be that’s why I never purchased it. Yeah in summer that’s fine. The weather here is getting drier so I have to keep reapplying the lip balm after every hour or so. :((

        1. I know they are so pushy!!!! Is that a Delhi trait? The ones in Mumbai were not so pushy… in this very store, there was an SA who kept following me to all counters….!!! Can you believe that? I am in hot and humid mumbai now… :sweat: will be back in delhi at diwali… lets see how my new balms hold up then!

  2. shouldn’t be too bad if it stays on for 2-3 hours with mild eating also!! I would have the Nilgiris smell though :rotfl: and then they says its lavender!!!!

      1. I would HATE..not I would “have”…..grrrrrrrr I type comments tooo fast!! I meant ke I would hate it if it smelled like Nilgiris tel if its supposed to smell lavenderish 😀 😀 And rose by any name is only for me :smug: :smug: not applicable to lip balms

  3. I had tried this lip balm in orange flavour & IT WAS HORRIBLE! The texture was like melted vaseline & within moments of applying, it would smear & bleed under my lips. YUCK! Also, there was no depth in the smell. It didn’t smell like Eucalyptus Oil, but it was as if a ravalgaon orange sweet had been melted & used to make the flavour. I barely used it.

  4. I luv nilgiri smell but still cant imagine applyin it on ma lips!!!!!
    I have tried Avon,Nivea,Maybelline,Lotus,TBS…n i luv Lotus for the SPF n tint n loooove TBS for the yummy smell!!! My frnd is gettin me burt bees….waitin to try EOS!!!!!

  5. I tried its strawberry flavor, pink tinted one long time back and I loved it! 🙂 That was my 1st tinted balm and I was just happy that it was not transparent, left my lips a little pinky shiny. It had no peculiar fragrance, but the balm itself was so soft & smooth, & it glided on like butter! And when applied it gave a nice glossy finish to my lips. I loved it to bits, but didnt like d tub packaging, coz of hygiene reasons.

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