Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – 05 Brun Boheme

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – 05 Brun Boheme

It’s ready to wear formula is enriched with ¼ of pure laque for a radiant, glossy finish and orchid blossom extract so it glides onto the lips leaving them feeling smooth, hydrated and protected for up to 10 hours.


INR 775

Bourjois Rouge  Edition Lipstick 05Brun Boheme

I saw these lipsticks two weeks back at the new mall Phoenix market city, and I knew I had to come back to take a better look, I loved the bulky packaging and the shades too looked tempting, they had around 12 or more shades but when i actually went back to see what I can pick to review, I shortlisted only 3 shades, a red, a nude and thick rust one. Honeslty, the other pinky blues did not appeal to me, they were what we say “English” colors,I dont think many of us want to spend 775 on shades that barely show up or are way lighter than our skin tone, I can safely say, this Brun Boheme is the BEST shade in the collection and more or less all of us would pick this one only, as compared to the others pinks they offer.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick 05 Brun Boheme Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick 05 Brun Boheme (5)

I got this one and let me tell you this is my first bourjois lipstick, yes, the cost was the main factor and some friends  said the bourjois lipsticks are way too light and dont stay either, some how the pretty packaging is too tempting but the light shades really did not call me enough,this shade though I love.

I love the packaging. I love the rust peach shade, I love how creamy and pigmented it goes, but I find them lighter than what I expected looking at the tube,the shade is lighter and the texture is medium thick , I find the texture little sticky honestly.I find them very similar to older Faces moisture rich in terms of pack and the texture though faces is obviously stickier and thicker.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick 05 Brun Boheme (13)


Another thing I did not like is that once you use them they start feeling grimy, can you see the granules? Why is that, it should have been all creamy isnt it, I am not sure why this rough texture? I am sure you can see in the pictures where the bullet is not new..It also has some mild sweet fragrance,which fades soon.

bourjois rouge edition lipstick

Bourjois and faces lipstick

The shade is smooth and creamy and it has a glossy shine, it is matte in no way, it has this moisture shine and feel ,it does not make lips dry and will cover lip pigmentation too, it can be built up but one swipe is enough too.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick 05 Brun Boheme (7)

I dont like the moisture gloss finish it has I am too much of a matte lover but I do think it makes lips look plumper.It does bleed a bit considering it is moisturising, the staying power is above average, nothing fantastic, I would say 3 plus hours. Basically I should not have expected too much if I am paying 775 for this, it is a good lipstick but you might have tried a dozen similar lipsticks earlier and in similar shades too.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick 05 Brun Boheme (15)

But I do love the shade, the pack and texture and mainly recommend it for the shade, the moisture finish and the plump lips effect it gives( I feel)But do ask yourself whether you have used somehting similar for 775 earlier or no…I have another shade in mind which I might get to finally see how I feel about it.Good lipsticks but nothing out of this world 🙂

bourjois rouge edition lipstick



IMBB Rating:

4.1/5 Good shade, moisture finish, and nice packaging.

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28 thoughts on “Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – 05 Brun Boheme

  1. hmmmmm… Good shade! but not that awesome…

    Neha how cum all your swatches are just perfect! It doesn’t matter what the shade you carry all of them soooooooooo well *haan ji* *jalwa*

  2. I loved the packaging Neha di *woot* and its looks pretty on you *pompom* the texture seems good in the pic but you had those smally granules thats not what a lipstick should have *nababana* but since it looks good from outside people will get impressed seeing this shade *puchhi*

  3. *clap* *clap* *clap*
    The shade is super awesome! I’ll use this as a blush rather than a lipstick! *powder* *powder*

      1. haan!
        One trick 🙂 *shy* *shy*
        Take a nice swipe of the lipstick on your finger, drop a minute amount of glycerine on it (it should be very small), mix it with a QTip and apply on the apples of your cheeks! You’ll get a lovely natural blush. And then rub your finger across your lips as a base for your lipstick!
        *shy* *shy*

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