Lush Henna Caca Brun Review

Lush Henna Caca Brun

Hello Lovely Angels,

Most of us are well aware of the benefits of henna as a deep conditioning treatment and also its dyeing property, right?  I had dry hair and a few years back, a friend suggested that I try henna packs once/twice a month for conditioning purposes. As henna can also be a bit drying, I was advised to use a bit of egg white and yogurt along with it.

Lush Henna Caca Brun

Lush Caca Brun

I have been following this ritual on and off for a few years.  I was really impressed that it made my hair soft, shiny and healthy on regular use, but a major con was that it turned my hair kind off orange-ish.  I absolutely hated this colour. I wanted my hair to be dark chocolate 😛 😛 but after a disastrous experiment with Garnier hair colour in my teenage years, I was skeptical about trying on any more chemicals!!!!

Caca brun

So, about a month ago, when I read about Lush Henna Caca Brun, which claimed to provide the conditioning effect as well as giving that burgundy dash of colour, I had to try this one.

How Lush Describes Caca Brun:
The subtle coffee-coloured one. Caca Brun is made with black and red hennas, plus ground coffee for a deep brown shade. It makes your hair smell like a fresh espresso for a few days. Clove bud oil adds to its spicy scent and we use powdered nettle and seaweed for extra shine and softness. Caca Brun gives your hair a magnificent shine. We recommend it for people with a mousy, undecided hair colour. It’s time to make your mind up and come out really shiny brown!


Price Pinch:

910 INR for 325 g.  (I found it to be economical in comparison to any hair colour brand.  You get 6 chunky blocks. For my medium length hair, I just needed one-and-half, so I can store it and re-use later for touch-ups).


The SA just wrapped it up in a paper and handed it to me.  I wasn’t at all impressed.  There wasn’t any manual, no mention of ingredients or how to use.  There was no mention of manufacturing or expiry date.  The SA checked on his computer and said that the expiry date was August 2013. The only thing that I liked was these floral motifs over the blocks. I had to search Lush’s website to know more about this.

(See the pics , these blocks are quite big).


Fair trade cocoa butter, indigo henna, red henna, ground coffee, nettle powder, irish moss powder, clove bud oil, citral, eugenol, geraniol, citronellol, limolene, linalool, perfume.

Directions For Use:  (according to the website).
1. Cut henna up into small pieces and put in a heat-proof bowl.
2. Add hot water and let steep. Mix to a yogurt-like consistency.
3. Put on gloves and apply from back to front, coating hair thoroughly.
4. Cover in cling wrap for a more vibrant red. Leave on for one to six hours.
5. Rinse, shampoo, and condition hair.

Tips: Always do a strand test first. Use face cream (or Ultra Bland) around your hairline and ears to protect skin. Wrap hair in cling film for a redder color. For darker, richer colors, leave on longer (up to six hours).

My Take on Lush Henna Caca Brun:

I am happy with this product. It conditions and nourishes my hair well and also imparts a dark chocolate-mahogany tinge to my hair.  It is free of chemicals that are usually used in hair colours. It does not irritate the scalp.  I have not experienced any hair fall, but I have faced one problem, I have one gray hair and even after using this product twice, it failed to cover it, don’t know why!

I saw some videos regarding how to use this product.  I came to know that the blocks had to be grounded to powder or grated. I chose to powder it as I don’t have a cheese grater.  The next step was to boil water (to the temperature I can tolerate) and add that to the henna slowly with continuous stirring to form a cake-like batter/yogurt-like consistency.  I used a plastic bowl and a plastic spoon for mixing.  I then divided my hair into sections and then smothered the paste with my hands (with gloved hands).

Lush Henna

Lush caca

Lush hair colour

Henna mix

First Application:
I applied it on dry, shampooed hair (without conditioner).  The first time I used it for 5 hours, without covering my head in shower cap, washed off using a conditioner and shampooed finally a day after.

Result After First Application:  I didn’t see much difference in terms of colour.  The only thing was that my head looked less orange.  My grey hair was as it is, but my hair was soft, shiny and well conditioned (even better than my regular henna packs with egg and yogurt).

Second Application:

The SA had advised me to re-apply again after 7 days for better colour.  I did so after 13 days as I was stuck up with some work.

This time, I kept it for 6 hours.  For the initial 2 hours, I left my hair open, but then decided to cover it up as I had to do some home cleaning 😛

I washed it off first with Dove daily therapy conditioner and then shampooed it clean with Dove daily therapy shampoo (I didn’t wait with one-day gap).  After drying, I applied a bit of hair serum.

Result After Second Application:

I got mahogany tinges and a lovely dark chocolate colour, but again that stubborn strand of grey hair wasn’t at all affected.

Pros of Lush Henna Caca Brun:

  • I loved the colour it imparts.
  • No chemicals.
  • Smell is good, of different herbs, essential oils and henna.
  • Leaves my hair soft and shiny.
  • It’s from Lush, no animal testing.
  • Economical hair colouring option.

Cons of Lush Henna Caca Brun:

  • Not sure about grey hair coverage.
  • Availability.  They have only one store in Kolkata at present.  Otherwise, you have to shop online.

Would I Buy Lush Caca Brun Again?

Yes!! I love the colour, as of now, I am not worrying about that one grey hair, its way better than a hair colour session at a salon and thousands spent on a single sitting!

Would I Recommend Lush Caca Brun?

Yes! If you want a bit of colour to your hair and also save it from chemical abuse, this may be your answer.  Also, it is available in three other shades- caca rouge-auburn red; Caca maroon-dark red; Caca noir-black with blue highlights

coloured hair


(both the pics are taken after second application and after shampooing).

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60 thoughts on “Lush Henna Caca Brun Review

  1. This seems like such a great product Sukanya,…..And you’ve written an awesome detailed review… Really loved reading it….And would definitely love to try this!! :waytogo:

  2. the hair has a lovely shine and brownish mahogany sound slike a lovely color. me tempted too now :stars: but I have heard you cant apply hair color fo atleast 6 months once you have applied that true? I think the shine one gets with henna you dont necessarily get it with hair color..

    1. hi aruna
      my first hair colour experience was in quite a few yrs back.. my hair was totally virgin at that henna or any other abuses 😛 later on i had switched to henna packs only..never tried colouring otherwise..So i cant really help you with this one :(( I tried lush only because i thought it can get my desired hair colour along with regular conditioning. the lush henna , i found imparts more shine than others i have used previously…. which i think becuse of the cocoa butter and other e/o present O:)

  3. Thanks for this detailed and excellent review Sukanya! Yesterday only I spotted a Lush counter very close to my place! and here comes your review… Just loved the color and shine on your hair! :-* I have never used any hair color and this sounds likes a perfect start :pigtail:

  4. oh wow…i wil get this..i hv natural brown hair..but that li’l dirty brown which i don’t like…dis is d color i wud love to have…but again i don’t wnt to apply chemical ladden products….thanx a tonn for the fab review… :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. you ‘re welcome Kanikajusta…

      i too had light hair ,which became orangish on regular henna use :spank: … and i hated it… i love the colour this one imparts :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

    1. i have read that you dont need any touch ups for atleast two months.. i had applied it within 13 days only because the SA mentioned to do it to get the colour… as i have applied it this month.. i think if i need or feel like i will go on for another reply in January ! 🙂

  5. ur hair looks awesome Sukanya n the color toh i luv :love: :love: :love: i’ll definitely give this a try :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: thank u so much for sharing this. n yes luved ur detailed review too. :toothygrin:

  6. sukanya, never keep heena for more than 2-3 hours as it make hair roots week…. 😐 😐 😐
    Radhika, told me abt this, n i wanted to try this out too 🙂
    If u want good colour, try habibs ki henna 🙂
    n for conditioning a make a henna hair pack too my mixing egg, curd, aloe vera O:) O:)

    1. hi Nuffuuurrr !!

      thanx for the info 🙂 . earlier when i applied henna packs i kept it for 45 mins average as i heard the more longer you keep,the deeper orange colour you get..which i obviously didn’t want :yuck: :yuck: ..but the website mentioned(1-6 hrs) and even the SA told me to keep this on for 3 hrs minimum…so i went ahead with 5-6hrs… will defo keep this in mind next time :thanks: :puchhi:

  7. Wow! This looks pretty nice! :woot: :thanks: sooo much for the review,Sukanya! :puchhi: I’ll keep his in mind for whenever I feel like getting my hair spruced up a little. :preen:
    And your hair is so pretty! :pigtail:
    I think I’ll probably end up getting caca noir. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. :thanks: Prags…seems everyone is eyeing the caca noir with blue tinges :stars: :stars: …….. yeah girls go ahead ..and please dont forget to review it..really want to see BLOOOO TINGES !!! :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :joker: :joker: :joker: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  8. Great review, Sukanya! :thumbsup: My mum regularly uses the same caca-brun shade too but only as an extra thing to add softness to her chemically coloured hair. When I first tried it last year, it made my hair shine like a 1000 watt light bulb. :preen: :happydance: :happydance: I now apply it once in a few months it when I want the added omg-whatay-shine reaction on special occasions. 😀 :silly:

  9. this one looks so tempting.. Infact this is the first lush product which i felt fairly prices.. Grt review sukanya.. and ur hair looks so good.. :woot:

  10. OMG!! this looks sooo gud :woot: :woot: … u sold it to me sukanya :yahoo: :yahoo: … wht a detailed write up :clap: :clap: .. i shud try this 1, the red 1, i think. :haanji: . i luved the shine and texture this thing is providing to ur hair…… :inlove: :inlove:

  11. Hey Sukanya.. loved the review .. the product and your hair.. :love: :love: :love: ..
    I am definitely gonna try thi sheen..
    I have black hair.. so i am doubtful .. if i will get the color on my hair as wel??? :stars: :stars: :stars:

    1. Hi Poo…glad that you liked it :)) … i have heard that the colour shows up better in those having lighter hair, i mean they get more the mahogany… in case of black hair..i guess the chocolate/burgandy will be more prevalent :))

  12. Have crossed the lush store several times, but never felt like going and giving a try.. but with your review.. i think i should give it a try :preen: .. But the only fear is that it does not cover grey hair 🙁

    1. Ha ha..henna is the last thing i guess anybody would like to try from lush for the price pinch 😛 and when you get many saasta options in market na?? :giggle: but i found it to be a good hair-colouring option. but yes it didn’t cover my grey hair :headbang: :headbang:

    1. hi Zee bee,

      thank you :)) . the regular henna gave me kind of orangish tints all over and a light brown hair :sick: :sick: … but after using caca brun, the orange turned mahogany and light brown turned chocolate i guess :blush: :blush:

    1. for my length of hair i needed a little less than one and half blocks per for two applications i have already used up almost 3 blocks.that makes,i can use it twice the colour is said to stay for two months atleast so i think i can use it till next March :))

  13. yes…I have heard several people complain it doesn’t cover gray hair and the blue highlights from the caca noir is literally non-existent!!! but, it does make hair awesomely shiny and beautiful and soft!!!

  14. what a coincidence. Was surfing the lush website for this last week and this review comes in right time.. me getting this… :jog: :jog:

  15. I too have tried Lush Caca Noir 4 times in a month hoping that reapplications would conceal greys. But apart from the conditioning part the product failed to deliver. The worst downside was washing it off the hair and the messy bathtubs.

  16. hi Sukanya. I finally bought this product and this is my experience –

    I bought the brown one too – Caca Brun. The SA was quite helpful in the method of applying it. gave me the paper which has all the products listed including how to use this product. I applied it for the first time yesterday. I had shampooed in the morning so when i came back from work i gave it a try. i have shoulder length hair so i used about 3/4 of one square. same method of putting it in hot water etc. kept it for an hour cos i was worried abt the orangy tinge. 🙂 when i washed it off after an hour my hair had a lot of volume but felt very very dry. i didnt put any yogurt, egg in it. maybe thats why. i was quite taken aback on how dry my hair looked. :yikes: :yikes:

    this morning i shampooed it again and put conditioner once i was done. also just before drying out my hair completely when it was semi-wet, i applied the Matrix Biolage serum and then dryed it. it looks a lot more manageable but my husband (who is my best critic) didnt see any difference :(( . am wondering if over the next few days it will pick up color. also like u mentioned maybe i shud reapply after a week with yogurt this time and see if it helps. will try and keep it on longer as well versus an hour.

    all in all its an ok product. its a bit too expensive for 900 bucks cos they dont let you buy a smaller quantity so if u dont like either u have to give it away ot throw it out (hard to convince ppl to buy henna for 800 bucks 😀 😀 )

    this was quite a long post..:)

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