Burt’s Bee Daisy White Moisturizing Lotion Review



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Price :Rs 2200/- for 50 gm

Claims :

Clinically proven to visibly diminishes the appearance of age spots and discoloration



My Experience:

I think I was most excited about Burt’s Bees moisturizing cream when I bought it a month back. I have to tell you that this product left me disappointed. I have used this stuff in various weather conditions during my travels and this just didn’t work for me.

I’d sum it up in pros and cons:

  • Comes in a lovely white packaging with a very handy pump dispenser. It is easy to carry around and to travel with . 
  • It is 99% natural – sans parabens and petrochemicals.
  • Smells really nice and lemony.


  • I have normal to dry skin and this just didn’t provide any kind of moisturization or hydration to the skin. I asked the SAs at the store if this would work for my skin type, they said yes. It didn’t. I ended up having dry patches, and feeling stretchy many times after using this cream. It may work for combination skin but honestly , I don’t want to recommend this. I even asked the SAs at the store if this would work for my skin type, they said yes. Seriously!! 😐
  • Although the cream spreads easily but it sort of sits on your skin for a while before getting absorbed. I find that a bit uncomfortable.
  • It did not make my skin smooth or add any brightening effect. The least it could do was moisturize, which it failed to do.
  • I don’t have age spots but I do have a bit of pigmentation around my chin. The claim is yawn! After using it twice a day regularly for more than a month now, I didn’t see any change in my skin. In fact, now my skin is screaming for a good moisturizer.

Overall, this completely failed for me. I think I’d go back to my Forest Essentials lotions. This may work if you combine it with serum from the same range. I don’t think I am going to do that.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 1.5/5


Swatch: burts-bees-dailsy-white-moisturizing-cream-swatch

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27 thoughts on “Burt’s Bee Daisy White Moisturizing Lotion Review

  1. Ayyo….sits on the face for some time 🙁 Rati, BTW, I am loving the moisture surge extended thirst relief 😛 super happy with it 🙂

  2. Rati, i loved the pictures.. 🙂 but what a dud.. 🙄 I agree with Jomol Clinique Moisture Surge is your best friend when you’ve dry skin.. and yeah it’s funny7 that it sits on the face for time..loved reading your review. 🙂

  3. I sometimes feel Burt Bees is a bit too over hyped! i know their lip balms are a rage … sad this didnt work for you..i seriously feel SA’s in india need to really amp up their skills in providing the best suitable suggestions to their clients! often i feel they just promote the product to get sales..its very annoying!
    in KL sephora..the SA’s are very much trained and infact once I was planning to get a good blending brush the SA told me to get it from other brand which they didnt even stock..she said its best to invest in good quality brushes rather than the ones which will work temporarily 😀

    1. so nice to hear that parita. here i feel they have a long way to go. It’s not about selling always. and they’d better be very careful while selling stuff to imbb junta. loll!!!

  4. Burts bees skincare is not at all good atleast for me….there body care products are much better.Their radiance face cream made me break out ;(

  5. Sad it did not work Rati… at times the SA in stores are so unqualified for their work I don’t understand on what basis they get that job… we trust them at times, so they better know what they are selling. All Big brands are you listing???

  6. I guess u are feeling just as bad as I felt when the Body shop white moisture serum proved to be a duh!
    Both look similiar and price also same :p

  7. Awww.. what a dud! I thought BB is really good and it doesn’t moisturize even though its called a moisturizig lotion! sad.

    And SAs.. oh God..! I sincerely feel companies should invest some time, money and energy in training the SAs well. Same thing happened to me once at Shahnaz Hussain’s store in Blore. But theek hai.. once burnt, a lesson learnt. Good thing is on IMBB, one gets burnt and all learn the lesson! 😀

  8. Oooh what a dud Rati, n from Burts n Bees! They are crazy expensive in India isnt it? Anyways, will pass this! How are you?

  9. haawwww!! didn’t expect this from SAs …even i had bad experience at sephora…the cashier forgot to take out the metal strip from merchandise and alarm went on when i was exiting …it was so embarrassing…n then cashier wasn’t ready to accept that it was his fault!

  10. Oh no! I wanted this really badly (since it’s an Asia-only line)… turned out to be such a dud!
    I’m guessing all that corn starch in it is what would give a “whitening” effect 😛

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