How Can I Make my Hair Roots Stronger?



Hair fall is a problem that plagues us all. A lot of research and studies have been conducted towards finding the causes responsible for it as well as all possible remedies. One of the most leading causes of unwanted hair fall is weak hair roots. In this post, we will explore on how to make hair roots stronger.

How Can I Make my Hair Roots Stronger

1. Use sulfate-free hair products: Most of the commonly available hair care products in the market contain more than the permissible limit for sulphates and as such, is a leading cause of unwanted hair fall.

2. Avoid chemical treatments: This somewhat follows in spirit to the previous entry in our list. Exposing the hair to a lot of chemicals without a doubt will weaken hair roots permanently. So, it is advisable to avoid any kind of chemical treatment.

3. Avoid daily shampooing: Daily shampooing would result in stripping of natural oils from our hair, resulting in dry scalp, that would eventually weaken out the hair roots.

4. Moisturize your scalp: One of the best ways to make your hair strong is to nourish and moisturize your scalp. Doing this is pretty easy, just apply your favourite hair oil over your scalp and leave it to sit for 20 minutes before you rinse it off. Do it at least once a week and it will give you healthy hair.

5. Use Keratin hair care products: Keratin hair care products help to enhance the health of your strands as keratin is a natural hair protein that gets diminished in weak hair strands. Invest in a keratin shampoo as this will help to prevent split ends and hair loss.

6. Use a hair mask: Use a good hair mask once a week, choose it as per your hair type. A strengthening hair mask helps to strengthen weakened hair roots and minimize hair loss. Apply this on damp hair and keep it for about 30 minutes. You can also use hair masks made from natural homemade ingredients as this doesn’t rip off natural oils off your hair.

7. Avoid over washing your hair: When you wash your hair every day, not only does it make your hair brittle but it also makes the ends dry. If you wish to strengthen the hair roots, wash your hair as infrequently as you can. Don’t wash it more than twice or thrice a week. In case you have greasy scalp, a dry shampoo is always there to take care of the strands.

8. Avoid using heated styling tools: From hair straighteners to curlers, all basically operate using Joule’s heating effects of electricity, in one way or another. Hence they are detrimental to healthy hair, cause weakening of hair roots and consequent hair fall.

9. Consume omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are known to promote hair growth and also strengthen weakened hair roots and as such it is advisable to consume the same.

10. Consume multivitamin supplements: Vitamins nourish hair in multiple ways that merits intake of multivitamin supplements for strengthening weakened hair roots and managing unwanted hair fall.

11. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables: Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is always a healthy practice and thus advisable, especially for strong hair roots.

12. Stay optimally hydrated: It is absolutely necessary to drink water to prevent weak hair roots.

13. Healthy diet: A healthy diet is the solution to all hair and skin care woes. Lack of nutrients will have a strong impact on the health of hair and lead to weak roots. A good balanced diet should be given primary importance if you are trying to strengthen your hair.

14. Increase the intake of proteins: A protein-rich diet that abounds in eggs, soy and fish is most advisable to strengthen hair roots and restrict hair fall.

Today, we attempted to present as exhaustive a list as possible for our beloved readers. We hope that all of you benefit from this and would invite all to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Till next time, bye!


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