Can Vitamin C Get Rid of Dark Circles?



Can Vitamin C Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants and a powerful tool to take of your skin. This is the perfect vitamin and your solution to a majority of skin issues, dullness, dark skin, ageing, scars, etc. Vitamin C has been used since ages in beauty to achieve youthful glow and to brighten up skin. Vitamin C is extremely potent. It is almost impossible to get vitamin C in its purest form. You won’t be able to get more than 5% of vitamin C in your creams because it is highly unstable and loses its efficacy upon exposure to air and light, but vitamin C these days is readily available in the form of serums and creams. Vitamin C is known to increase collagen production in your skin which improves skin’s elasticity over a long time. This also reduces wrinkle formation on your skin. Additionally, sun-damaged cells will also repair themselves with time. So, in this post, we are going to answer this question, Can Vitamin C Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Vitamin C Get Rid of Dark Circles

Can Vitamin C Get Rid of Dark Circles?

The active ingredients of vitamin C serum are ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid. Other anti-ageing and moisturizing agents like collagen and hyaluronic acid are also present. Vitamin C serum is completely safe to be used on your dark circles. Vitamin C is extremely effective and you will be able to see the difference within a day or two only. Vitamin C serums or products are most efficient when they are stored or come stored in opaque, amber-colored bottles to reduce their exposure to light and air.

With regular application of vitamin C serum, you will be able to see that the skin around your eye area is well moisturized and bright. Also, thin line and dark circles will also get reduced with regular use.

Vitamin C Esters for Dark Circles:

There are vitamin C ester supplements available in the market to take care of your dark circles. They strengthen the blood vessels and thus reduces the appearance of dark circles gradually. Vitamin C ester helps in thinning the skin and increasing collagen production on the skin. Topical treatments formulated with alpha lipoic acid (ALA) helps in healthy production of nitric oxide which further help in increasing the blood flow to your under-eye area.

Homemade Made Vitamin C Serum For Dark Circles:

Here’s a completely homemade Vitamin C serum that you can yourself make with minimal ingredients at home. Just make sure to store the serum in a cool, dark place, in a tightly-closed, amber color glass bottle.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Pure vitamin c powder (l-ascorbic acid) 1/4 tsp or you can use Celin tablets from local medical store or pharmacy. Take two tablets only to make a serum with 5% potency. Do not pick effervescent or chewable vitamin C tablets because they contain sugar and glucose in it.
  • Distilled water (or rose water) – 2 tsp.
  • Glycerine 1 tsp.
  • Vitamin E gel capsule 1 capsule (vitamin E helps keep vitamin C stable for long).
  • An empty, amber-colored glass bottle to store your serum (you could clean and use an old paediatric medicine bottle).

Method to Make Homemade vitamin C Serum:
Step 1: Dissolve the vitamin c powder in the distilled water completely. Just drop the two tablets into the bottle and add distilled water to it. Shake the bottle until the tablets dissolve completely. This way no contamination will take place by multiple handling of products.
Step 2: Add the glycerine to the mix obtained in step 1.
Step 3: Puncture and add the contents of 1 Vitamin E gel capsule. This will help keep your serum stable and add the benefits of vitamin E oil.
Step 4: Store this concoction in a cool and dark place.

There you have your very own vitamin c serum at 5% potency. Remember to use it within a week’s time and make a fresh batch once a week.

How To Apply:
After cleansing your face, apply a small quantity of your Vitamin C serum at bed time. Follow it up with your favourite moisturiser. Leave it on overnight. Those with sensitive skin may feel a slight tingling sensation initially. If this happens, you may want to start using it on alternate nights for the first few weeks until your skin adapts to it.

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