Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to another post of mine. Today, I want to reveal something “sexy” for you guys, excited? :blush:  Okay, jokes apart, let me introduce you to my signature perfume, “212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera.”  Trust me, describing a perfume is very difficult and giving someone an idea about how something might smell is a challenge.  Well, I love challenges and I like to make things simple.

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum

Product Description:

A fragrance for a woman who does feel sexy at any time of the day. Innovative and practical bottle: 2 in 1. A modern, sensual and feminine scent.
• Heart notes:  Tasty floral with gardenia, cotton-candy
• Top notes:      Citrus spicy with mandarin pink pepper.
• Base notes:    Oriental woody musk with sandalwood and vanilla.
• Scent : Spicy Feel

Feminine, Sensual, Sexy.

212 Sexy EDP

212 Sexy EDP

How Did I Discover Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum?

I must admit I absolutely love perfumes and I have a bunch of them, but I still keep buying and adding to my collection. Once me and my boyfriend were trying to pick a perfume for him and we came across “212 Sexy Men.” OMG, honestly, it was amazing.  I mean so musky yet spicy in some ways, simply awesome.  Girls, if you want to buy a perfume for a guy, please smell it and you wouldn’t go wrong. So, yeah like a said, “212 Sexy Men” was superb and we straightaway brought the 100 ml EDP for him.  I was very curious to see if they had a women version too and when I saw it, I just fell in love with the bottle and I quickly sprayed some on my jumper and left the store.

212 Sexy EDP

212 Sexy EDP

Throughout the day, I was smelling very sugary, musky and sweet, and I just loved it and even after I went home, had a shower, I was still able to smell the perfume.  It was an amazing smell, I still remember the day I discovered it and till now, it’s my signature perfume.  One of my friend even tells me that sugary smell reminds her about me!  Trust me girls, please go and smell this once, its amazing!

212 Sexy EDP


Looks luxurious, unique, and packaging varies according to the size, but usually semi glass and semi pink shaded tin bottle.

212 Sexy EDP

212 Sexy EDP


Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop (cheapest place is Medplusbeauty, you would get 100 ml for 2500 INR and its a bargain).

212 Sexy EDP

Available Sizes:

30ml,60 ml,100 ml.

212 Sexy EDP

My Views on Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum:

When you spray it on, its very sugary, floral and sweet.  Some of you might feel, its too heavy, but trust me, as the day goes, the smell calms down to something citrusy, sweet and musky. It reminds me of sugar candy and vanilla and strawberry with more prominent sugary smell.  It would be ideal for anyone from 18 to 45, but I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who is 50.  It feels very feminine and floral and it is best for evenings and night out, not suitable for everyday wear.  Please go ahead and smell this perfume, its awesome!

212 Sexy EDP

Pros of Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum:

  • Lasts forever, I mean more than 12 hours or even longer.
  • Very unique fragrance with musky notes.
  • Widely available throughout the world.

Cons of Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum:

I feel that the 100 ml bottle’s packaging is not very comfortable and the fact that it opens up from two sides can be risky if you’re in a hurry.

How To Choose A Perfume:

Going perfume shopping! Follow these guidelines and you will never go wrong and will spend less money:

Step 1: Prepare a list of what perfumes you would like to try or buy. This will help you save from smelling too many perfumes and spray one particular favourite on you clothes or somewhere you can remember that you sprayed something and carry on your shopping.
Step 2: Don’t impulsively go ahead and buy it because different perfumes will smell differently on each person and sometime you might be allergic to the smell. Come back home and try to smell the place where you sprayed the perfume. This smell might be entirely different from what you have smelled in the store, now you know whether you love it or no!
Step 3: lf you love it, always try to buy EDP instead of EDT because EDT doesn’t last long and I know that EDP will be expensive, but trust me, its worth it and it will make you love your perfume even more.
Step 4: Finally, do some online browsing and I am sure you will find the same perfume for much cheaper price. For example, I came to visit my parents in India and I was browsing around for some stuff on an online site and I saw 212 Sexy EDP 100 ml for 2500 rupees and I thought it was a steal! Did you know that 212 Sexy EDP is £30 in the UK for 30 ml. So, girls, do your online search first.

Some Tips:

1. If you don’t want to spend too much money, try and buy miniatures and test them out.
2. Spray the perfume before you put any makeup or jewellery as perfume might stain jewellery.
3. Too much of everything is never good, so use as less as you can to get the best out of it. EDP is normally very strong.
4. Spray perfume in key areas like behind the ears, wrist, elbows, etc., and if you are wearing a knee high dress, you might want to spray some behind your knees.

Overall, 212 Sexy is a must have and I totally love it !

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Hope you guys like my review, please let me know the following.
Do you like perfumes? If yes what is your favourite and what is your signature perfume?

Till then,

Keep calm and go shopping

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  1. wow…..the bottle is quite unique….i’m buying this next :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: ….but i have so many perfumes,,,i always hide them from my mom…..she will kill me for spending thousands of bucks on perfumes :shutmouth: :shutmouth:

  2. this is one my most sexiest parfums….it was love at first smell @ the perfume counter of a multibrand store…didn get it right then coz i always check out the sillage of parfums n how the diff notes unfold on my skin….twas worth the wait coz i was lucky enough to strike a bargain on fashion and you :yahoo:

  3. this is one among my favorite parfums….it was love at first smell @ the perfume counter of a multibrand store…didn get it right then coz i always check out the sillage of parfums n how the diff notes unfold on my skin….twas worth the wait coz i was lucky enough to strike a bargain on fashion and you :yahoo:

  4. Very good review harika, you have explained so well.. especially i liked “How To Choose A Perfume” tips :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

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