Carolina Herrera Luminous Body Lotion

Carolina Herrera Luminous Body Lotion

By Tanaya N.

Hey Everyone!

This is my first review on IMBB. I have been a follower for a long time and I decided to post a review of CH Luminous Body Lotion because I absolutely love it! I am a first year medical student, so I don’t really have that much time to pamper my skin day in and day out, so I invest in a few good-quality products that don’t take up too much of my time, so that I can study (yeah, right. 😛 )

Carolina Herrera Luminous Body Lotion

CH Luminous is one of my favourites.  So, I won’t bore you all any more with my useless chatter and begin with the review. :toothygrin:

The bottle has a cute golden cap with “CH” engraved on it.

Product Description:

Discover radiant skin and beautiful fragrance with Carolina Herrera Luminous Body Lotion. This silky body lotion is designed to soften, brighten and moisturise the skin. It gives instant deep hydration and leaves a gossamer layer of light-reflecting shimmer that enhances your skin’s healthy glow. It is composed around the four classic notes of jasmine, tuberose, amber and sandalwood. These central notes are accented by apricot, bergamot, ylang ylang, musk, vetiver and oakmoss to give this a wonderfully luxurious, joyful spirit.

In true spirit of dedicated students, I copy-pasted this straight off the box. 😛


Not mentioned.


Rs. 3150 for 200 ml.

Carolina Herrera

My Experience with Carolina Herrera Luminous Body Lotion:

I bought this online on a friend’s recommendation (she swears by CH products) and fell in LOVE with it! It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a gold cap that can be unscrewed off easily. It seals well, so it’s good for travelling, no leaky mess! A bottle normally lasts me about 3 months.

The lotion is white with a runny consistency.  I end up smelling great after using this and my boyfriend especially loves this tee hee :heart: It makes my skin soft and supple and imparts a beautiful shine! No greasiness detected (I have normal skin) and it gives a great luxurious feeling on applying and hydrates my skin very well.

Carolina Herrera

It even has a shimmer in it, but not distractingly so. I hate products with glitter in them, but this has tiny flicks of gold shimmer that you can see only in the sunlight and that too when you “observe.”  (I definitely do not want to dazzle my batchmates when we are in the Dissection Hall. 😛 ), but it provides a really nice glow to the skin, and it doesn’t have any tacky glitter.

Carolina Herrera 2

Carolina Herrera

It might not work too well for you if you have extremely dry skin. Its not terribly moisturizing in the dead of winters, so I start using this around February- March time because I need more moisturization in winters.  The skin absorbs the lotion quickly. Its not heavy or greasy.

Pros of Carolina Herrera Luminous Body Lotion:

  • Soft, feminine fragrance.
  • Good hydration (you can’t expect deep moisturization from a lotion now!)
  • Gold shimmer, which is normally undetectable unless you look closely (maybe a pro or con for different people), which gives an ethereal glow.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Cute packaging, hygienic too.
  • Doesn’t leave a weird white residue.
  • Doesn’t make skin greasy at all!
  • Overall, it gives me soft, supple skin that glows!

I tried to take a picture of the subtle shimmer, didn’t come out too well.

Cons of Carolina Herrera Luminous Body Lotion:

  • A tad bit expensive for a lotion.
  • Golden shimmer (maybe a con for some people who are expecting a more shimmery look), but I love it!
  • Not sure about availability, I bought it online.

Other than these, I can’t think of any con.

IMBB Rating:

4.5/5 (-0.5 because of availability issue and price).

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  1. It looks like a very expensive and awesome milkshake in a perfume bottle 😀 Golden shimmer is not a bad idea for indian skin tones :yahoo:

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