Oriflame Swedish Spa Body Lotion Review

Oriflame Swedish Spa Minerals Night Renewal Body Lotion Review

Hello all IMBB ladies. I have not been wrote anything for a while. Lazy me. 😛 but I’m back in action again. 🙂
Today I am reviewing a favourite product of mine. Oriflame Swedish spa minerals night renewal body lotion. I saw this product on Oriflame flyer. I have always been an avid fan of herbal products, but I have never used any minerals product. Oriflame Swedish spa range is a quite popular range. Moreover, the product was on sale. Hence I ordered it instantly. 🙂

oriflame swedish spa body lotion

About Oriflame Swedish spa range:

Oriflame Swedish spa minerals collection is inspired by four basic elements: earth, air, fire, water. This range will help you to choose the right element according to your mood and need. This spa range craeted a special extract from Baltic Sea red algae and incorporated this in their products. This special nutrient is an abundant source of vitamins and minerals to keep your skin hydrated and soft. All the products are made of natural ingredients and organic sea salts. They have several products in this range – exfoliating body scrub, night renewal hand cream and body lotion, stimulating shower gel, gel cream and massage bar.

About the product:
For effective overnight moisturisation, use this intensively hydrating, creamy body lotion enriched with sea minerals. Its smooth texture absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling soft as an ocean breeze.


Price: Rs.398. Sale price was rs.229. My rep (Pooja :D) gave me additional discount. So I finally paid rs.184.

Quantity: 200 ml

oriflame swedish spa body lotion

My experience:
This is a night renewal body lotion. So I apply it only during the nighttime. It comes in a long plastic bottle with a pump cap. The bottle and the cap are quite sturdy. The lotion has a very thick creamy texture. It smells heavenly. 🙂

oriflame swedish spa body lotion

Only a very small amount is sufficient for hands and legs. Since it is thick, it takes a little time to get entirely absorbed. It provides complete moisturisation and skin also feels smooth next morning. It is an ideal product for dry skin people. Though for oily skin people it can be little uncomfortable using it during hot & humid summer nights. But it is perfect for all during winter.

It can be carried around in bags without the fear of spilling off. The pump camp is quite convenient.

Pros of Oriflame Swedish Spa Body Lotion

1. Quality is very good.
2. Packaging is great.
3. Comes in pump cap, so no fear of spilling off.
4. Thick, creamy texture. Hence only a small amount is sufficient.
5. Smells awesome.
6. Leaves skin freash and moisturised.
7. Enriched with the goodness of sea minerals.
8. My skin feels fresh and smooth when I wake up in the morning. 😛
9. Perfect for winter.
10. Perfect for dry skin people who needs high moisturisation.

Cons of Oriflame Swedish Spa Body Lotion

1. Expensive. Though I bought it on sale at just rs.184. But the original price is rs.398.
2. Sometimes the pump cap opening gets blocked with dried lotion. 😛
3. It is sometimes too oily to use during humid summer.
4. Availability problem. I have never even seen it on their monthly catalogue.

Shall I recommend it?
Oh yes. This is a very good body lotion. I’m sure it would work great for all skin types.

Rating: 3.5/5. -1 for being expensive, -0.5 for being a little heavy for summer.

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45 thoughts on “Oriflame Swedish Spa Body Lotion Review

  1. Hi,
    i had also seen this in same flyer and ordered too but mine never got delivered. all thanks to representatives in small cities who never care about time. i have seen all of you gals talking about good and timely deliveries from ‘Pooja’- rep. of most of the gals on IMBB. if it does not bother you and Pooja as well, will it be possible for you to share the contact details.

    1. hi,
      it is not convenient to give Pooja’s contact details here as IMBB doesn’t promote any particular brand. i think u can visit any blog link given below and contact the respective blog owner. they can definitely help u. or u can just mail Rati personally. hope it helps… :))

  2. Nice review bulbul……..I have too many body lotions to finish so did not order this :))
    But next time its on sale I will 🙂 :thanks:

  3. Bulbul @ G8t review.. I love this body lotion too. I agree the dried lotion at times get stuck in the pump however i do not mind adding a little effort for this lotion. As it is not a regular stock I bought 2 for myself & they will survive a whole year for me :yahoo:

  4. Bulbul…I have this….but i haven’t started using it yet…..today I will start using it :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: u hav oriflame khazaana :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :spank:

  5. Bulbul, nice article :yes: ! I guess the swedish spa range is good, I have used the hand cream from Swedish Spa range & it worked well for winters :waytogo:

  6. I stay in kolkata, I have seen Oriflame store here, i wanna buy Oriflame products, but I dont wanna b a member, bcoz i wont repeatedly buy products from their store, i just wanna buy certain one time buy products, like eye lash curler n stuff, wat do i do ??

    1. u don’t have to be a member to buy their stuffs. but i dont think oriflame sales stuffs in stores. u have to contact any oriflame representative in ur locality. and btw, i am from kolkata too. :handshake:

      1. I f u r frm kolkata, have u seen oriflame near rabindra sadan metro, i was talking about tht, one of my frnds went thr, she had 2 be a member to buy products frm thr, i dont know any Oriflame representative u see !! 😐

    2. Tapaswini, I think u are talking about Service Point Oriflame(SPOs) where some members sell oriflame products. You can buy from them :yes:

  7. jomol….i was expecting it to be your review… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    b/w nice one bulbul….i almost bought this too, but already have just too many of thz body lotions to finish 😐 😐

  8. seems nice.. a night body lotion.. different too.. me also ordering it next time on disc then.. thanxx bulbul for the nice review.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

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