Lush Sympathy For Skin Body Lotion Review

Lush Sympathy For Skin Body Lotion Review

Well again I have come with review for lush hand and body lotion- sympathy for the skin. It was after my lush’s dream cream finished I bought it at store along with two of their solid shampoo bars -jumping juniper and seanik. But I was too lazy to do the haul article (sorry) but will review them very soon. So I used this hand and body lotion for 2 months now.

Coming to this wonderful hand and body lotion review
Lush Sympathy for Skin

What the company says-

Generous banana custard body cream. Eleven years old and still as popular as ever, Sympathy for the Skin is probably the only banana custard body cream in the universe, and almost definitely the only one with real, organic mashed bananas in it. We use real bananas to make skin softer, even if they’re a bit of a menace to mash. Smooth our nutritious cream all over your body and go absolutely bananas.


vanilla pod infusion, almond oil, coca butter, fresh bananas,,stearic acid,gyycerine,triethanolamine,sandalwood oil, lemon oil, labdanum resinoid,cetearyl alcohol,perfume,methylparaben,propylparaben

As fresh bananas are used you will see small soft inner seeds of banana in the cream (which does not poke or anything and for me was not a nuisance) as u can see in the picture below. Those small black particles.

Price and pack- 1180 for 240 Gms in black usual lush tub

Lush Sympathy For Skin

Pros of Lush Sympathy For Skin

• Oh god! I’m in love with the smell! It’s like vanilla cake!! I absolutely loved it!
• The fragrance lingers on the skin very faintly for 2 3 hours
• Its consistency is like lotion and cream mixed…not too thick not very watery
• Its spreads easily and have been using it from March. So I its alright for summers too…not very greasy or anything
• Shortly after application it sinks into the skin nicely however need to be careful with quantity used otherwise it gets oily
• After application it gives nice sheen to the skin
• I used it as my moisturizer to be used with foundation for making tinted moisturizer. It blended well with the foundation
• For a week I used it like that and considering I have oily skin yet it didn’t break me out
• Its lasted pretty decently for about 2 months now

An additional picture to tempt you guys!!! 🙂

Lush Sympathy For Skin

• It’s a boon for people with normal to little dry skin…very dry skin types can use dream cream
• It’s a completely vegan product !( no animal derivatives)

This is how much I use for entire one hand

Lush Sympathy For Skin swatch

Cons of Lush Sympathy For Skin

• As expected it comes in lush black tub which people might not like

I cannot think of any other con for this cute banana custard hand and body lotion (thts why I guess it’s so popular!)

Would I recommend it-?

Yes definitely! All those who like vanilla fragrance and want a superb body lotion and have available mullah of 1180 should definitely buy it…its lush’s one of the best smelling products in skin care range.

Would I repurchase – definitely yes but after trying the other body lotions from lush… I have used charity pot, dream cream so far n among them I’m in real love with this one( im a vanilla lover 🙂 ) so my next would be Crème Anglaise or the karma cream ( 2 of their other hand and body lotions)

Coming up with my article reviewing lush’s jumping juniper shampoo bar very soon

Till then
Love and light 🙂

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  1. It looks like dosa batter to me!! 😛 😛 😛 ,,but vanilla fragrance… :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: ….But sounds really good for body!! 😀 😀 Great review Akansha!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. heyya tapaswini

    in kolkata u’ll find lush products in forum shopping mall and ,ani square mall which is on maniktala main road

    happy shopping :yahoo:

  3. hi akansha,
    i have used dream cream and the charity pot….i would like to know whether sympathy for skin is a bit thicker than these two and karma kream?
    the sa’s in the store do not know about the products properly….they keep confusin saying dream cream is light,the other say creme anglais is light.please let me know.thanks O:)

  4. the thickest one is the dream cream.. sympathy for the skin and charity pot is almost the same consistency..
    dont know about creme anglais but i do know thts its too expensive 😀

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