Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat 503 Review



Hi girls,

We have a huge makeup store around my place and they happen to have all the new launches stocked up even before those hit online. I was looking for n*de nail paints in that store when this top and base coat caught my fancy. I love Chambor gel nail polishes and I have posted on 12 shades on IMBB. When I spotted this, had to pick it up, in fact, I was tempted two buy two together 😛

Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat Review

Product Description:
A base and top coat that prepares, protects and perfects your nails. Use it under the color to prime and protect. Use over the color to prolong the wear. Use alone for a glossy natural nail look. Protects against chipping.
INR 325 (the same as their gel nail colors).

Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat product description

Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat ingredients

My Experience with Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat 503:

So far, as a top coat with gel effect, I have totally loved the Essence top coat with plumping effect. That Essence one even takes the kinks and bed sheet marks away by plumping your nails, but this Chambor one does not. Yes, it thickens the nail as a primer and protects and also hides the yellowness slightly as a nail primer. Yes, it prolongs the wear of nail paint by giving it a thick top coat unlike any clear transparent nail polish for sure.

Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat bottle

It is a step ahead of your top coat for sure. Yes, it helps against chipping by at least 2-3 more days in my case. If you have healthy pink nails, you can use it alone too.

Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat brush

The color looks slightly yellow unlike your clear nail paint coat. The brush is nice and flat and very professional. The nail paint takes more than a minute to dry. Somehow, I find it slightly sticky even after it dries, maybe it helps the color to adhere better. It does not give me the glossy look like Essence top coat to be honest, but I was hoping this will be very glossy and high shine, but it is quite average. Otherwise, it thickens the look of your nails and does live up to all claims.

Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat on nails

Pros of Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat 503:

  • Clear, thick primer for your nails, protects them from discoloration.
  • Great top coat which thickens the look of your nails.
  • Protects against chipping.
  • Can be worn alone over the nails.
  • Great brush, salon style.
  • A step ahead from your regular clear top coat for sure.
  • Multipurpose, no need to buy separate base and top coats.

Cons of Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat 503:

  • I find it sticky after it dries more than a minute.
  • It does not have the plumping effect of a gel top coat.
  • It does not plump up bed sheet marks on nails like the Essence top coat.
  • I really wanted it to impart a gel nail-like high shine finish, but it does not do it.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat 503?
Yes, I might since it is my favorite nail color brand and this is a multi-purpose product, but for plumping effect, Essence base and nail coat will be my favourite. This product is good if you want thicker-looking nails.
IMBB Rating:

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