Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer – Shades 401, 204, 607, 157 Review

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Hi girls,

I am thrilled to review some nice shades from Chambor Gel Effect Nail color range that I had purchased using my IMBB points. The sales girl told me that this sort of a 4-pack nail paint comes with a complimentary nail color over every three nail paints. So, I could choose my own 4 nail paints, out of which one would be free. In this post, I have got these shades – Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer – Shades 401, 204, 607, 157.

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer Review

INR 325 for each shade but 995 for this set of 4 polishes.
Product Description:
A high-gloss nail polish that mimics the plumping effects of a gel manicure. Its precision brush gives a smooth application, vibrant color intensity and a perfect finish in a single sweep. For a professional, salon-quality finish, be sure to apply two coats of polish. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next one.

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer outer packaging

My Experience with Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer – Shades 401, 204, 607, 157:

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer shade names

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer packaging

401: I had been looking for this sort of a creamy lavender color since ages. The moment I spotted this, I knew it has to be one of the many. This is a very creamy color which is exactly what I was looking for. It gives a super opaque finish in one go, and I like to oomph it up in two coats as then it looks like a real gel nail. The gel finish claims are true but the deal is that it lasts for just a day. As the week goes on, the gel shine reduces to a normal nail color in my case, but that is completely okay as this nail polish is amazing, a notch above your regular nail color even when it loses its gel shine. Because it is thick, it lasts on me for 6 days with mild chipping, but otherwise, if the chipping does not bother you, you can easily wear it over a week.

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 401 on nails

204:  This is a true creamy “rani” color like we call it in India. This is sort of a magenta shade but in a sophisticated way. I like this color because it looks like a toned-down red-pink on the nails. It has that gel shine but barely for two days. A very classic shade and this should be a must-have for all ladies out here. It has a creamy feel and no shimmer to it. Like I said, this again lasts me for around a week with mild chipping and I like it to change it then.

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 204 on nails

607: This is my 6 year old daughter’s choice. This is an amazing blue with a duochrome sort of a metallic look to it. This goes on creamy but has a metallic sheen but then is subtle and catches light beautifully. It has beautiful blue shimmer but never feels gritty. One disappointing thing about this nail paint is that the true blue comes out only in two coats. In one coat, this feels sheer and uneven, so two coats and you can see the color that you see in the bottle. Being a dark color, it chips slightly but you can easily wear it for a week or slightly more. This one does not have a real gel finish, but more like a mild metallic tone to it.

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 607 label

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 607 on nails

157: This color is a beautiful orange with some tones of red. It can be bright for many ladies. It can also be a bridal trousseau color to be honest. My friends thought this is a red shade when they saw it in bright light, but it is a bright perky orange. This does not have a super gel finish to it but otherwise an excellent nail color and lasts for more than a week easily on me.

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 157 on hands

I want to add a word about the bottle and brush. The brush is awesome with some tapering at the end, it covers the nail in two swipes. The brush also has a slight depression along the wand, to collect some nail color so it slowly drips on to the brush tip as you apply. The bottle is glass, nothing attractive about, I find the bottle to be a little old school.

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer bottles

Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer brush

Since I purchased three and got one for free, the cute box package that these paints come in was such a pretty storage, it can also be a wonderful gift option considering the whole packaging.

Pros of Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer – Shades 401, 204, 607, 157:

  • Beautiful gel finish when you apply it in two coats.
  • Nice bright colors.
  • $601 is a unique metallic blue color.
  • Tapered brush, works wonderfully in two swipes.
  • Lasts for over a week or more with mild chipping.
  • Goes opaque in one swipe except the blue one.
  • Whopping 10 ml product.

Cons of Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer – Shades 401, 204, 607, 157 :

  • The bottle is nothing attractive.
  • For thicker colors, the chipping will happen sooner.
  • The gel effect lasts for only a day or two, beyond which it looks like a normal nail color.
  • Could be expensive for INR 325, if you buy a single bottle.

Would I Recommend Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquer – Shades 401, 204, 607, 157 ?
Yes for sure, I will. I love all the shades and the finish. They go opaque in one coat and last very long. The gel finish could be a bait as it barely lasts for two days on me, but otherwise, they are very good.
IMBB Rating:

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