Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat Review

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I am currently going ga-ga over n*de nail polishes. This gel top coat is the perfect partner to all nail paints, especially n*des since they could otherwise look dull. This top coat from Essence adds plumpness and shine to the nails and they look like real gel nails. I absolutely love this product and I should have picked up a backup from Wilkinsons UK while I was there.

Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat Review

Product Description:
The revolution in nails – easy like nail polish, amazing like gel! the innovative base coat and top coat formula improves the durability of the “gel nail polish” by 60 percent! the nails are given an extreme, long-lasting gel-shine finish without the need for an LED or UV lamp. simply apply the gel nail polish base coat and let it dry completely. then apply the gel nail polish in the colour of your choice and let this dry well, too. for a perfect finish, all you need now is a coat of the gel nail polish top coat – and you’re done! the nail style is easy to remove using conventional nail polish remover.
INR 249

Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat details at the back

My Experience with Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

This top coat comes in a traditional nail polish bottle with a common brush, but the gel coat is nothing like your other top coats. It is very thick and just a dash of this on your nails feels like plastic, that is, in a very good way. This top coat applies well, dries in less than 60 seconds, and seals the nail paint. It definitely prolongs the wear time of the nail color as the brand claims, but the ultimate look of shiny plump nails that this top coat imparts is something I love more.

Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat packaging

I use this product for all nail colors and it helps my nails to not have turmeric stains. It also helps me to not change my nail color often. This easily lasts me for a week or more.

Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat brush

Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat on nails

On the downside, not everyone would like the thickness. Also if you are wearing multiple nail paint layers and then you apply this top coat, it could make it too thick and the color might peel in layers with this top coat.

Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat over nail polish

Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat worn on the nails

Overall, I am in love with this product and the shine it adds similar to that of gel nails.

Pros of Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

  • Plump and shine look.
  • Imparts the look of real gel nails.
  • Dries in less than a minute.
  • Works well with all nail polishes of mine.
  • It even fills up gaps and ridges on my nail polish if it is ruined by bedsheets.
  • Lasts more than 7 days.
  • Helps my nails to not stain.
  • Helps by avoiding chipping.

Cons of Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

  • Might peel if too much polish is applied.
  • Thickens soon, as it already is a thick formula.
  • Not that easily available.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Essence the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat?
For sure, I need multiple back ups of this top coat.
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