Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat Review

Though, this is my first product review in the nail care range, I am a die-hard fan of nail paints. Even when nail paints were not allowed in school, I used my mother’s Lakme nail paints and coloured my nails every sunday and be happy throughout the day admiring my maroon, brown or red nails. And now, apart from umpteen shades and brands available in market, there are so many innovative nail techniques and novel nail art designs to vouch for. These days, I like spending my time experimenting nail art and gaining knowledge of new tactics of it, without being much concerned about the final outcome. By the way, have you ladies heard or read about mirror nail paints? It is in huge trend these days and I am so tempted to buy one!


Well, how many of you do not apply a base coat or a top coat while applying a nail polish? Blame it on tight time schedules, or ignorance or even laziness, not many follow a typical nail regime. Many of us do not realise that these coats are actually helpful to protect our nails, promote long wear and guarding the cuticles. If you love your nails and want them to look stunning every time, you should certainly invest, indulge and spend your time using base and top coats. However today, I am reviewing one of the most reasonably priced, efficient and shiny top coat – Maybelline Dr. Rescue Top Coat. Read on for more details ;


I usually prefer buying mini nail paints for a simple reason that I get bored wearing a particular colour for a long time. There are so many colours and brands in the market that I want to try out all possible shades. So, last month when I was just checking new shades in Maybelline, I found a small section of Dr. Rescue Nail Care. This range offers nail balm, base coat, top coat and others. As the top coat has an added advantage of gel effect, I immediately picked one for me and here is the review

Price: £2.99 for 7 ml

Product Description:

Our gel effect top coat creates a glossy shine & a plumped up surface. Seal in the colour that you love!
How to Use – Apply on top of your favourite colour for the perfect gel effect.

My Experience with Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat :


The top coat, actually looks like a fainted pink polish which comes in a cute minute bottle. The brush is soft and thick and it is quite convenient for application. It has a medium consistency and has a smooth texture. I am quite impressed with its function, because it actually leaves a gorgeous glossy shine to your nails. Be it any colour, it really brings out the colour giving it a lustrous, attractive and pretty look.

It keeps the nails chip free and it is easily maintained for at least three days and then it starts to peel off. Yes, I agree three days for a top coat to remain on the job is just okay, but for the price and the effect it gives, I am quite satisfied with it. In addition to this, I apply nail paints at least twice a week so it works well with me. Just one top coat to complete the glossy look is adequate to get, set and go!


It remains strong, glides smoothly on nails and it is not at all heavy on them. One good thing is the polished finish remains throughout and doesn’t fade away in portions with passing days. Though, the top coat comes in faint pink colour, it gives a transparent finish and doesn’t leave even a tinge of pink, when you apply on painted nails. The top coat looks fantastic on any nail colour; in fact it enhances the overall appearance of your painted nails.


Just one point before I end the review, the top coat takes its own time and doesn’t dry quickly. It easily takes 3 minutes to dry up which comparatively is quite high. With the hustle and bustle of the regular routine, I usually prefer to carry this with my paint schedule after dinner, so that I have at least 20 minutes to complete the process. So, overall a quite efficient and affordable top coat product available in the market for all you lovely ladies.

Pros of Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat:

  • Affordable.
  • Efficient.
  • Leaves a glossy finish.
  • Glides smoothly.
  • Medium and perfect consistency.
  • Transparent finish.
  • Not heavy on the nails.
  • Remains strong and is chip free.

Cons of Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat:

  • Wearing time is 3 days.
  • Doesn’t dry quickly.

IMBB Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat:
Certainly! Anyone who would love to leave a glossy finish to your nails, please go for it. Yes, I would repurchase this in the coming months .

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