Chitrangada Singh Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Chitrangada Singh Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hello Beauties,

I am sure you all admire Chitrangada Singh for her sultry looks and svelte figure in spite of being a mom.  If you observe her snaps, she tends to go with the red pout look quite a lot. Here I have tried to create that look, which with a little twist of hairstyles can help create at least three of her appearances.

  • At Femina Miss India 2013.

Chitrangada+Singh+Inspired+Makeup+Tutorial (2)

  • Chitrangada at the Forbes India Million Race 2013.


  • At 19th screen awards.

Bollywood awards

Here is how we go about it:

Products That I Have Used:

Face Makeup Products

I first pinned my hair with tic tac pins and tied my hair tight into a bun. Will tell you why I did that later.

Hair bun

Step one: After washing my face, I used L’Oreal primer to prime my eyes and face.  Face is now a clean canvas 😛

Step two: I applied MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation all over the face. Do not forget your ears and neck.

Step three: I first applied the lipstick so that it settles.  I have used Colorbar Take me as I am – Mischievous Wine.

pic 2

Step four: If you look closely, her eye makeup is somewhere between black and brown.  So, here is the trick. I used my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (Black), but applied it with a brown eye pencil – Eyetex Dazzler and tada….I get a beautiful blackish brown shade 🙂 Just take the gel liner onto the tip of the pencil and apply.  This also gives a smoother application than using a normal brush.

So, I applied that very lightly on the lower lash line, letting very little of it to line my lower lid. I then lined my upper lash line with Gala eye liner. I did not start from the innermost corner.

pic 3


pic 4

Step five: I used the same brown eye pencil by smudging it on the eyelids to create a soft brown eyeshadow look. Applied Clinique mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Step six: Set foundation with a powder. I need to do that especially as my skin is oily.

pic 5

Note: I didn’t apply any blush as I think when a red lipstick is used; the rest of the makeup should be very natural. You may choose to apply a brownish nude blush if you have to.

Makeup done! As simple as that.

I then placed a bindi between my eyebrows. Now is when I open my hair to get bounce and volume. You are free to leave it that way or tie them into classy loose bun or pony tail.

pic 6


pic 7

pic 8


pic 9

pic 11

pic 12

Hope you liked this look and would create this soon 🙂

Image Sources: 1, 2, 3. Some of the images have been taken from Google images.

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