Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color Review

Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color Review

Like most of you reading this, I too love lipsticks and I am never satisfied with the huge collection of lipsticks I stock.  I wouldn’t say I have found my best shade, but yes, this one is the best texture you can treat your beautiful lips to.

Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color Review


Bought it for Rs. 556 after discount. I think the MRP is Rs. 599.

So, while browsing through the shop, the lipstick attracted me by its shape, it looked like a marker.  So, it’s definitely easy to glide on to your lips. Like I said, the texture is the best thing about this product. Very creamy, not glossy, not matte, just perfect! I bought Dare Bare first and Mischievous Wine later.

Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color Review

Let’s see what the product claims and if it all stands true:

C.B (Colorbar) says: Extremely soft and creamy with excellent colour pay–off

I say: Yes, very soft and creamy, but staying power is horrible.  Even the dark shades don’t leave behind a good stain.

C.B says: High dose of moisturizing and skin conditioning benefits.

I say: Yes, very moisturizing. Even after the colour comes off, lips are smooth.

I like the “Dare Bare” shade more, a very natural shade. Best for daily wear or occasions where we have to show we haven’t applied lipstick, but we have to apply something as we cannot go bare lips. Mischievous Wine is nice, somewhere towards maroon, looks lovely on a black dress.


My only problem with this product is the less staying power. Do not expect this to be on your lips after a proper meal, but then I guess some girls have “Lucky lips like Sneha Ullal from Lucky Movie’ :P, so it might just stay 😀

Mischievous Wine

Bare  Me

Being a teacher, have to give merits and de-merits 😛

Merits of Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color:

  • Wonderful shades available, young girls to aunty jees, all will have something to pick up.
  • The best, I repeat is the best texture you can find, I love it.
  • Doesn’t give me flaky lips like many other lipsticks.
  • Free sharpener (don’t we love free things, but hey, at that price, they had to!)

Pencil Sharpener

De-Merits of Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color:

  • Bad staying power, the SA lied!
  • Smells something like the actual crayons we use to colour :p
  • Expensive it is.

The upper lip with the color,lower bare

the upper lip with the color,lower bare

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16 thoughts on “Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color Review

  1. i have heard of these n i am itching to lay my hands on the dare bare shade!! the official price is 700 rupees, so you got a pretty good discount! nice review 🙂

  2. awwww such a pretty pout maria 🙂 and wat hair color do u use lovvvveeeeeeee ur hair and the cut too 🙂 tell me more teacher 😛

    1. Aww…Thank u so much Neha..U made my sunday :p
      Well..I keep experimentng with my hair…
      Got the haircolour from a Salon ofcourse..I think she used two shades of Wella…
      And the haircut is from Jawed Habib Hair express this time:)

  3. I love the colour but the smell and low staying power are such a turn off. 🙁 Thanks for the review, Maria. And by the way, your haircut is superb. 😀

  4. I loved these cute chubby pencils so tried out them out at stores .SAs at colorbar were calling this long stay but they rubbed on on everything my hand ,glass. i was so disappointed.

  5. You look pretty!
    I want to lay my hands on these, but I don’t think that would be anytime soon considering the huge haul I’ve done this month!

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