Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review

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Today’s review is all about Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum. So, read on to know more.

Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review6

Price: €42.49 for 30ml
Product Description:
Over handsome woody notes of deep amber, lingering musk, rich vanilla and fresh patchouli, comes Casmir – a floral bouquet of fragrant jasmine, sunny geranium and soothing lily of the valley. Heightened by fruity hints of tropical mango and coconut, the citrus of bergamot and the delicious sweetness of peach, this fragrance is at once strong and resolutely feminine.
Top Note: fruity, mango, coconut, bergamot, peach.
Heart Note: floral, jasmine, geranium, lily of the valley.
Base Note: woody, amber, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli.


Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review1

My Experience with Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum:

Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review

The Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum comes in a red cardboard box which bears the product related information on it. The perfume bottle sits inside the box nicely and hence, it is a travel-friendly product. The bottle is made up of glass and has some intricate domes carved on its body. Though the cap is gold in colour, it still reflects the domes creating a new design on it.

Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review2

The yellow coloured perfume makes the bottle look royal and attractive. The rim of the cap has the perfume name written on it and it shuts tightly making an audible click sound. The spray nozzle is also gold in colour but, it doesn’t work well while spraying the perfume on wider areas.

Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review3

At first, the Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum provided a strong smell and I was not sure if I really wanted this one. But, as it subsided, I noticed that it is very mild and suits perfectly for a date or an outing. The top notes are fruity, the middle notes are floral and the base notes are vanilla, musk and woody.

Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review4

The first notes that hit your nose smell like peaches but they subside very soon and then, what follows is more of a vanilla dominant note. It is not very strong but, it is smooth and intriguing. After some time, I could feel the notes of jasmine and lilies being dominant too. When the perfume settles down, the notes of wood and musk are dominant. Sometimes, it also smells like an incense stick and I don’t like this particular note alone as it feels a bit cheap.

Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review5

When I apply the perfume on my wrists, it lasts for good 5-6 hours after which it needs a reapplication. I have a body that radiates heat very fast so, the smell did not last long on my skin. Even after 8 hours, I could smell the perfume slightly on my wrists but it wasn’t as strong as it was before. The perfume leaves a slight trail behind and the person passing by can smell it for a few seconds. Overall, the product is very strong and has a feminine touch to it. It is a great perfume but will not suit everyone as it can also cause a headache because of the strong jasmine smell.

Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum Review7

Pros of Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum:

  • A perfect date night fragrance.
  • Stays for a good 5-6 hours on my skin.
  • Very strong feminine fragrance.
  • Starts fruity, turns to floral and settles down to a spicier note.
  • Leaves a trail of scent behind.
  • Beautiful packaging; royal and luxurious bottle.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum:

  • Expensive!
  • Very strong fragrance and can be a turn off for few and thus, it is not suitable for office wear.
  • The spray nozzle doesn’t work well while spraying the perfume on wider areas.
  • At one point, it smells like incense sticks.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Chopard Casmir Eau De Parfum?
Yes! If you love very strong perfumes with vanilla and floral notes, this product is worth a buy.

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