Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – Peach Review

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – Peach Review

Hi all the pretty ones!

Now, first of all, you all might be thinking that what am I doing here, given that my exams are going on. Honestly, the first exam was so horrendous in itself, like the institute is just adamant on maintaining the 3% passing criteria, that the only place I could think of, to cool my head off, literally, was and is, IMBB. Hence, I am here. And yes, the fact that my next exam is day after tomorrow also helps. *hihi*

Nivea fruity shine lip balm

So, after my honest justification of being here in the midst of my exams 😛 , let us come to today’s review, which is my current love, and a new launch from Nivea, Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm, in Peach flavor. When I first saw it online, it looked so cute, that I just had to order it. I just kept my fingers crossed that it doesn’t turn out to be like the Lakme lip balms. Honestly, those have given me a faint heart for a life time. So, I went ahead and placed the order. Read on to find out how does it fare on my Rate-o-meter. 😛


The packaging has been improved. They have revamped the older packaging. If you have seen the new pomegranate one, which is again one of my favorites, it is the same packaging as that one. I love the way it looks, so fruity and fresh, perfect packaging for the onset of summer. It is a twist up tube and the product inside looks a very pretty peach shade, like the name itself.

It comes at a price of Rs. 140, for 4.8 gm. Very, very affordable, given it is going to last you at least 2 months.


Nivea fruity shine lip balm

Product Description:

I would have preferred to take a picture for this too, but the bar tag firmly stuck here, and I could not pull it off without ruining what is written there, so I am producing it here for you. Anyway, it is the same description as the old ones.

The innovative formula of Nivea Fruity Shine with Peach extracts and shimmering pigments provides long-lasting moisturization and an exciting fruity scent leaving a touch of delicate colour on soft and smooth lips.

  • Delights young delicate lips with a fruity scent and smoothing, ong lasting care.
  • Naturally Enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a soft glossy colour.
  • Contains SPF 10 protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approve.

Aaaand now my favourite line…. *hihi*

Nivea – For lips that love to talk , smile , laugh and kiss 😛

My Experience with Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – Peach:

The first thing you open the tube and twist it open, is the smell. It is so fruity and delicious. I keep pursing my lips to smell it when nobody is looking. It smells heavenly of fresh peaches, and not that artificial and annoying extra fruity smell (strawberry and cherry versions? Now you understand why I don’t prefer you over the others?)

Nivea fruity shine lip balm

It is not very pigmented, but when you apply, it gives a soft and even peachy sheen to the lips, and moisturizes very decently. It is not at all sticky and is very comfortable on the lips. Also, since it is not insanely colored, which is okay for me, it can be applied before lipsticks, and will make the color pop out more, as it evens out the natural color of your lips and smoothens the dryness. It has SPF 10, which gets it more brownie points, since most of the brands ignore the importance of sun protection for lips, which are more prone to sun damage, being the most delicate part of our body.

Nivea fruity shine lip balm

I am still sniffing it like a puppy 😛 Okay, I should control myself, but it’s smells heavenly. However, the moisturisation does not last as long as the baby lips, but still it will last you 3 hours, and trust me, you will not mind re-applying it even over your lip colour.

Nivea fruity shine lip balm

The moisture stays even after a meal, although if you have very dry lips, you will need to apply more frequently. My second favourite after pomegranate has arrived. *happydance*

Nivea fruity shine lip balm

Summing up:

Pros of Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – Peach:

  • Moisturizes well for 3 hours.
  • Does not feel sticky or heavy on lips.
  • Evens out with light peachy and soft tint.
  • Contains SPF 10.
  • Very affordable.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Looks very cute.
  • Easily available.

Nivea fruity shine lip balm

Cons of Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – Peach:

  • Not very moisturizing for very dry lips. Re application required (not much of a con for me) 😀

IMBB Rating and Recommendation:

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm –Peach gets 4.5/5 from me.

It is an excellent new launch from the fruity shine range, which will win you over right from packaging to the tint and moisturisation. A big thumbs up!!

Yes, I will repurchase and recommend.

Before I close my review, I wanted to share with you guys a beautiful charm bracelet I had purchased from ebay. Actually, I had purchased it last month, but forgot to share with you guys. It has all the fairy tale charms. Can you see Cinderella’s shoe, the Truth Mirror from Snow White, Aladdin’s lamp, The engagement ring, The frog prince. I just love it. Don’t you think it is a unique one to have in your collection. Plus the bronze colour gives a royal feel to it. *happydance*


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50 thoughts on “Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – Peach Review

  1. I’ve been a nivea lip balm fan since forever 😛
    But baby lips have got me to cheat nivea *shy* nevertheless nivea is still having its attention from me 😛 .

    Great review and all the best for exams. *puchhi*
    Oh and yes, the bracelet is really charming and cute. It does look very royale. *woot*

      1. hahaha…arey u know iv been trying to share it fr such a long time…but i forget such a unique piece dat i just had to show u guys *haan ji* *haan ji*

  2. I’ve been a nivea lip balm fan since forever 😛
    But baby lips have got me to cheat nivea *shy* nevertheless nivea is still having its attention from me 😛 .

    Great review and all the best for exams. *puchhi*
    Oh and yes, the bracelet is really charming and cute.

    1. Sigh!! Ida!! I really hope too that i did well on that thing they called exaaaam *waaa* *waaa* *pan* *pan*

    1. nahiiiiiiii…wo bracelet mera baby haiiiiii *jogging* *jogging* …m ready to duel *duel* *duel* heheh..thanks *puchhi*

  3. awww….exam *headbang* all the best pal *puchhi* and yes you have a right to chill……nice choice this time n bracelet is very unique…

      1. see you and neetu have a spell that is cast with the review…..26 and more to go …. and no more “half my replies” quote…

  4. Nice review…
    Have to have this… *jogging*
    I feel your pain kadambari… Me 2 having exams from Monday… *cry* *cry* *scared*
    Me doing CS… Which course you stuck in…? *hihi*

      1. rofl rofl rofl rofl
        god bless both of us then..!!
        i am in final.. which stage are you at..?
        last attempts result for final was around the same as ca ki result vala percentage..
        i feel like doing *spank* *spank* *spank* *pan* *pan* *pan* to the institue valas for the pitiful number of students they clear… *waiting* *waiting* *waiting*

        1. I am going nuts…u know abhi I am studying Company Audit alongside IMBB right now!!! Institutes have really snuffed out life out of us..pata nahi kya chahte hain likh k aao…i swear i wanted to strangle someone after Financial Reporting paper..anyway..let’s hope fr the best…all the best yaaar.. *cry* *cry* n be in touch..its really rare to find same field students 🙂

            1. i swear yaar.. jo likh ke aao voi nai sahi hota… i just really dont know ki what do these institute valas expect us to write.. *waiting* *waiting* *waiting* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali*
              aur parents and everybody is like ki bas is baar toh chamatkar ho hi jana chahiye..!!!
              unko kya hi samjhao.. *cry* *cry* *cry*

              1. Mere parents ko to chamatkar hi lagne laga hai final ab rofl rofl ek to aaj tak samajh nahi aya..k dat one teeny meeny thing jo chod k gaye ya which v hav nt paid much attention…institute ka sixth sense wahi kyon de deta hai exams me?? *shock* *shock*

  5. Wow this one also looks great, and the charm bracelet is too good i want it 😀 hope ur exams r going great, all d best for other papers *hifive*

    1. urrr yaar i think even this one does not *scared* ..i have thrown away the packaging..but it was exactly the same as watermelon..n now i am seeing that this one also does not have that spf 10 written on top as the old ones..revised rating 4/5 lack of spf *spank*

    1. u can try the new versions..nivea has increased its moisturization wid these new ones 🙂 i too keep switching between baby lips and nivea..somehow a third brand cud never appeal to me wher lip balms r concernd *hifive*

  6. Kadambari, writing reviews during your finals. *shock* guts I must say *hihi* I have two more exams left *waaa* and I was a fan of Nivea lip balms too until Baby lips came into my life 😛 I just enjoyy reading your review Kadambari *puchhi* It’s like I instantly connect 🙂 Happy studying 😛 *cry* And btw, beautiful bracelet *clap*

    1. Awww thaaank uuu sweet heart *puchhi* *puchhi* as far as writing in my finals is concerned..i am a CA final students..and it is a miracle if somebody clears it in first two after doing the same course again n again..with “n” no of updations of finance acts and circulars notifications i am used to i will go nuts if dont write on IMBB fr the relaxation of my mind 😛

      1. That is sooo true Kadambari *cry* I am going mad with these books since the past 15 days *cry* haven’t written for IMBB *waaa* waiting for June 2nd *shy*

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